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    Brutal Doom

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    Brutal Doom Empty Brutal Doom

    Post by Amord on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:09 pm

    Brutal Doom

    You can find several other videos of it on Youtube. I'm here to talk about how awesome it is.

    First, all weapons get upgraded and some shiny new graphics to go with. They are much, much more powerful, and enemies have unique deaths depending on where you aim and what weapon you use.

    Oh, and your fists get upgraded too. Aside from just packing a lot more strength behind them, if you find a Berserk Power Up, you will have Fatalities on that level -forever-. Fatalities pretty much give you invulnerability frames -and- regeneration.

    Essentially, you are a walking death machine. Of course, all the enemies got an upgrade to their AI, they can hit a lot harder, they move a lot faster, etc. It requires you to play smart, use your weapons well, you can kick a lot of ass, but you can die fast if you get too overconfident.

    In my case... I had just cleared out a room, earlier I picked up a Berserk, I pressed a switch, wall opens up, Demons flood in. I'm fighting with a Gun, I quickly get surrounded, I lose a lot of health. I managed to jump my way to freedom, switch to fists and decide "If I'm going down, I'm doing it in style".

    So then starts me punching every Demon that's in range, the Fatalities start kicking in, and now it's just a combo spree. I get all my health back, and successfully finish off every enemy in the room.

    I love modders. This is sheer badass on top of an already badass game.

    Oh yeah, think this is Meiling after she takes the career of a UAC Marine? xP

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