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    Stuck in your Radio (AKA, Slyfoxhounds band)


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    Stuck in your Radio (AKA, Slyfoxhounds band)

    Post by CivilProtection on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:44 pm

    Im not sure if Amord watches Sly as much as I do, but one thing, He is a great Youtuber.

    But there is one thing, his singing voice, its so good. You know his intro from every video? Thats Slys very own band that made the song "Make this your Dance floor"

    I never knew Sly had a band. I tell you one thing, its great. It sounds like modern rock, but something about it makes it sound like early 2000.

    There is only one thing I request from this band, A cover of City Escape


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