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    Minecraft: Mob Talkers Mod


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    Minecraft: Mob Talkers Mod Empty Minecraft: Mob Talkers Mod

    Post by CivilProtection on Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:31 pm

    Okay, you may think "This mod allows you to talk to Mobs? Interesting" But, HOWEVER, It makes Minecraft into a Japanese styled dating sim, without the dating and the hentai...

    Once when you get the Mob Talker tool, you can talk to the Scary Mobs of Minecraft... As you do this, you can notice, these scary mobs are actually cute inside.

    This mod might be the sexiest Minecraft mod I have ever played. My personal favorite is the Creeper, as she is very addorable. Maybe one of the most interesting mobs is the Enderman, a WOMAN who is very shy. However, unlike anyother mob... You can horrass her. Cool, huh?

    This wouldnt be a sexy mod if it didnt have Huge Boobs! A example of this is the "Crack.." Skeleton. She shows hers bare breasts, and its hard to resist to ... Yeah. Slimes, Evil Slimes, and Blaze also has great breasts.

    However, there is downsides. Even though if you become friends, lets say, a Creeper, she will STILL attempt to kill you. Even though she learns your name and become antiquated with her, she will tempt to kill you, which is very annoying. I wanted a Creeper Gal who would do me favors in bed!

    There is different scripts you can download. Most of them, however, is unavailable. One is the actual dating Sim, the other, is just a command script. Until these other scripts become available, you are forced with these two scripts. I am still waiting for one that lets you date a Mob.

    A example of these Mobs in game.

    Minecraft: Mob Talkers Mod Firmablackrockshooter-1-1
    Minecraft: Mob Talkers Mod CpmariokartlicenseMinecraft: Mob Talkers Mod Uwhm8

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