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    Post by Amord on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:32 am

    This is an archive about the mod idea for Minecraft to do the following:

    Bring purpose to the NPC Villages by adding a means of gathering Faith.

    Faith is then in turn used to create specific items, such as Charms, which are equipped in special slots and add bonuses which can be stacked with Enchantments. Or weapons such as Bottled Holy Water, a thrown projectile that arcs depending on how long it is in the air, a Bucket of Holy Water, which is differed from regular Water by a faint glow and the fact that it damages enemy mobs. Then there is Amulets, a thrown projectile which does -not- arc no matter how far it goes, it will stay in the exact same height and will continue as such until it impacts with a block or a mob. Finally, Gohei Orbs, which float around you and home in on enemy mobs, should any be nearby.

    All of these are crafted at an Altar, using materials from the Minecraft World, and Faith, which can be gathered from a Church or Shrine.

    First, the Player must find a Village. Then, they must construct a Church or Shrine, then, the Altar must be placed inside. If it is an acceptable building, the Shrine will not become a dropped item after a few seconds, and it will then begin checking for Villagers inside, and generate Faith accordingly if they are inside.

    Finally, Portable Shrines can be made and placed into Villager Houses, which generate Faith when they are inside, though not as much as if they entered the Church/Shrine.

    In total:
    Faith System based around the Villages.
    Churches and Shrines

    Altars used to signify a structure as a Church or Shrine, and gather Faith

    Portable Shrines as a secondary means of gathering Faith

    Faith Charms

    Holy Water [as a new water block, in bottle form as a 'grenade', and in a bucket]


    Gohei Orbs

    More will be added as time passes.

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    Post by Raymu on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:59 am

    Ah, nice.

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