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    The Scarlet Devil underwater expedition!

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    The Scarlet Devil underwater expedition!

    Post by Raymu on Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:47 pm

    Remilia was bored, so she built an underwater facility in the Misty lake.

    The control room:

    Flandre sits at the weapons control module. In front of her seat is the monitor. .....Yes, I did put Flandre in control of the weapons.

    Meiling's control panel measures the shields of the facility as well as security.

    Sakuya measures mana levels. Which is the only power source keeping them from sitting in a powerless place.

    Remilia's high chair-....Er, Captain's chair.

    The quarters:

    The main bunk room. Can you guess which beds belong to who?

    The bathroom's shower. ...With a viewing window for curious eyes.

    The bathroom's mirror, notice how I put stuff behind it to make it look like an actual mirror.

    The exit tunnel plus the ladder to Patchouli's quarters.

    Patchouli's quarters where she read's books and powers the facility with mana. Mukyuu.

    The staircase to Remilia's quarters.

    A chair in Remilia's quarters.

    The bed of Remilia's quarters.



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