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    Mami Tomoe Moveset

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    Mami Tomoe Moveset Empty Mami Tomoe Moveset

    Post by Amord on Fri May 23, 2014 7:16 pm

    Intro: Mami stands calmly, and then retrieves her Soul Gem. Transforming and then doing a small curtsy. Then taking battle stance.

    Idle: She stands with her dominant hand toward where she is facing. Her primary arm is held as if ready to grasp something. Her non-dominant arm is held more laxly 'behind' her.

    Walk: She calmly steps forward, keeping her primary hand ready as if to draw something out of a holster. Her other arm is more relaxed, and shows in her walk.

    Run: Mami leans forward slightly, and breaks out into a sprint. Each step is rather graceful, both of her arms behave as one would expect when sprinting.

    Guarding: Mami brings both of her arms forward, conjuring ribbons and them grasping them, pulling into a cross and guarding herself with a Ribbon Barrier.

    Dizzy: Mami begins to sway back and forth as she struggles to keep her balance.

    Sleep: Mami lies down on her side, one arm is situated to be used as a pillow for her head, while her other arm rests on her side.

    Ducking: Mami kneels down on one knee. Her arms reaching downwards at her sides, so that she can use her hands to help keep balance.

    Crawling: Mami lifts her arms up off the ground, and begins to walk forward in a crouch.

    Edge grabbing: Mami holds onto the ledge with one hand. Appearing a bit alarmed, but keeping focus.
    Attack after climbing up: Mami pulls herself up and swiftly rolls forward onto one knee, and then lashes around herself with a Ribbon.

    A: Mami strikes her foe with a Ribbon.
    A (Combo): Mami lashes out with her Ribbons twice, one for each hand, and then follows up by generating a Musket, slamming it into the enemy with one hand.
    Forward A: Mami generates a Musket and swings it forward, attempting to hit the enemy.
    Backward A: Mami turns slightly, and uses her non-dominant hand to whip a Ribbon.
    Down A: Mami slings one arm in front of her, and one behind her, whipping Ribbons in front of, and behind her.
    Up A: Mami performs a high kick upwards, having the potential to hit above and in front of her.
    Dash A: While running forward, Mami performs a short hop and twirl, using the momentum to perform a spinning kick in front of her.
    Air A: Mami performs a kick.
    Forward Air A: Mami generates a Musket and then swings it in front of her.
    Backward Air A: Mami uses her non-dominant hand to lash behind her with a Ribbon.
    Down Air A: Mami shifts herself forwards, generating two Muskets, and proceeds to spin, aiming to slam enemies in range with them.
    Up Air A: Mami shifts herself backwards, using the momentum to perform a flipping kick.

    Forward Smash: Mami generates two Muskets, and swinging one in front of her, and then steps forward, spinning in order to use the momentum to slam the other Musket into the enemy.
    Backwards Smash: Mami turns slightly in order to look behind her, and while standing on one leg, kicks behind her.
    Up Smash: Mami generates two Muskets and holds them at her sides, before then swinging them above her in a pincer motion.
    Down Smash: Mami lifts one leg up as high as she can, and then slams it down with all of her strength!

    Grab: Mami encases her enemy in Ribbons, calmly holding it together with one hand.
    Pummel: Mami kicks the enemy while holding them.
    Forward throw: Mami throws her enemy forwards, and follows up with a single shot from a Musket.
    Backward throw: Mami slings her foe behind her, proceeding to kick them to throw them farther.
    Down throw: Mami slams her foe down on the ground with a Musket.
    Up throw: Mami throws her enemy above her, and follows up with a strong kick to throw them even farther.

    B: Mami shoots a single time with a Musket. If pressed multiple times, she will constantly generate Muskets, firing once with each. If charged, she will unleash a devastating barrage all at once.
    Down B: Mami generates two Muskets, firing both below her.
    Up B: Mami throws a Ribbon upwards, using it as a grappling hook which can allow her to reach ledges. If it connects with an enemy, she forcefully kicks them downwards.

    Final Smash: Tiro Finale -Mami begins to glow golden, she becomes slightly faster and hits harder. If her B-move is used, she generates a huge cannon and fires ahead of her. Unleashing a huge blast which can envelope most of the stage. Saying "Tiro Finale". Causes her to exit Final Smash status afterwards.

    Up Taunt: Mami relaxes, and then calmly reaches in front of her, catching a falling Tea Cup. She then takes a sip, and puts the Tea Cup away, taking battle stance once more. The Tea Cup can do minimal damage if it collides with an enemy as it falls.
    Down Taunt: Mami gently swishes a Ribbon around herself, then posing confidently. Taking battle stance afterwards.
    Side Taunt: Mami performs a calm twirl, bringing a hand up to her face, giving a peace sign and winking. And then taking battle stance afterwards.

    Win poses:
    1. Mami gives a curtsy, and then stands straight, calmly reaching forward and catching a Cup. She takes a sip and simply smiles afterwards, giving a calm wink.
    2. Mami performs a few flips and hops as if in a dance, and then poses. Similar to her Transformation Scenes.
    3. Mami faces the camera, and presses her index finger to her lips. She then points her finger at the camera as if it's a gun and 'pulls the trigger', winking afterwards.

    Series Icon: A silhouetted Soul Gem.

    Crowd Chant: "Mami! Mami! Mami!"

    Victory Music: 0:00 to 0:27 (music trails after after the second "Ah" Mami Tomoe Moveset 962864578)

    Color Palettes:
    1. Default

    2. Pink and White outfit, Pink hair and eyes (Madoka Mami Tomoe Moveset 962864578)

    3. White and Black outfit, black hair and purple eyes (Homura Mami Tomoe Moveset 962864578)

    4. Blue and White outfit, blue hair and eyes (Sayaka Mami Tomoe Moveset 962864578)

    5. Red and Black outfit, red hair and eyes (Kyouko Mami Tomoe Moveset 962864578)

    Snake Codec: [To be added]

    Doc Louis Comment: [To be added]

    Like with Marth and Roy, her spoken lines, however few, are in Japanese. Save for 'Tiro Finale'.
    Mami is fairly fast and well balanced. Having long ranged attacks that don't hit hard but allow for crowd control, and having shorter ranged attacks that can hit much harder. She is lightweight, however.
    Excellent combo potential, but might prove difficult to master.
    There will be no head jokes.

    Mami Tomoe Moveset Amordmariokart7licensew

    Mami Tomoe Moveset Rumiafinalsig

    Remilia: Intercouuuuurse... Pert pert, thighs. Botty botty botty. Ohohohohoho! EROGENEOUS ZONE!
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    Remilia: AH HAH HAH HAAAH. OH CONCUBINE! EROGENEOUS ZOOOOOOOONE! Loose woman! Erogeneous Zone!
    Sakuya: *walks back with bucket of water* *splashes Remilia*

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