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    Remilia Scarlet Moveset.


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    Post by Raymu on Tue May 27, 2014 6:30 pm

    Intro: Remilia dive swoops in, landing gracefully.

    Idle: She stands there, occasionally flapping her wings.

    Walk: She gracefully walks on her tip-toes.

    Run: She steps off the ground, hovering just above the ground as she flies. (Very fast, but she can still fall despite flying in her dash. Remilia Scarlet Moveset. 825290558)

    Guarding: She ducks down, holding her hands on her head. "Uu!" (Remilia Scarlet Moveset. 825290558)

    Dizzy: She leans backwards, swirls in her eyes as she barely manages to stay on the one foot she has on the ground.

    Sleep: She gracefully lies on her back, her arms resting on her stomach.

    Ducking: She gets down on both knees, holding herself up with one arm.

    Crawling: She hugs the ground as her wings keep her just above it.

    Edge grabbing: She holds onto the edge with both of her hands, looking panicked!
    Attack after climbing up: She sweeps her wings forward, striking anyone in their path.

    Dodge roll: she dashes forward.

    Air dodge: She stays in place, flapping her wings.

    A: Slashes with her wings.
    A (Combo): Slashes with her wings twice, and then does a pincer attack with them.
    Forward A: She sends a long sweeping slash with her wings.
    Backward A: Her wings flap rapidly, damaging anyone behind her.
    Down A: She ducks, shooting her wings in front of her. Can hit above and in front.
    Up A: She jabs upwards with her wings.
    Dash A: She does a diving slash.
    Air A: She gracefully slashes her wings forward.
    Forward Air A: She kicks forward.
    Backward Air A: She flaps her wings rapidly.
    Down Air A: She rapidly kicks downwards.
    Up Air A: She kicks upwards, sweeping in front of her.

    Forward Smash: She moves back slightly, charging her arm and giving a strong slap!
    Backwards Smash: She throws a power pincer attack with her wings.
    Up Smash: She moves one leg behind her, giving a strong upwards kick!
    Down Smash: She slams Gungnir onto the ground, creating a small shockwave.

    Grab: She charismatically holds onto her opponent one handed, smiling charismatically, yet intimidatingly.
    Pummel: She slaps her opponent.
    Forward throw: She tosses her opponent forward.
    Backward throw: She brings her opponent behind her, smacking them away with her wings.
    Down throw: She slams her opponent onto the ground, stepping on them once.
    Up throw: She tosses her opponent upwards, propelling them with a small gungnir.

    B: She fires off bat shaped danmaku.
    Up B: She "dive bombs" upwards.
    Down B: She can leap onto walls, she fast dives off when B is pressed a second time, damaging opponents.
    Side B: She does small fast damaging leaps forward.

    Final Smash: Scarlet Sign - Spear the Gungnir: She takes out Gungnir, launching it forward. It homes in on a random opponent, it will damage anyone else who gets in it's path, and will KO the opponent it's locked onto.

    Up Taunt: She turns her back to the camera, looking back and smiling.
    Down Taunt: She takes out her gungnir, holding it at her side as she stares at the screen.
    Side Taunt: she flaps her wings, laughing mockingly and charismatically.

    Win poses:
    1: She crosses her arms, raising her head high with a charismatic smile.
    2: She charismatically sits down, drinking tea.
    3: She holds her gungnir at her side, smiling charismatically at the screen.

    Series Icon: The Touhou name: 東方

    Crowd Chant: "Ojou-sama! Ojou-sama! Ojou-sama!"

    Victory Music: From 0:56 to 1:05 of this song. It fades out.

    Color Palettes:
    1. Default
    2. Red clothes, red ribbons and frills, white hat, red eyes, blonde hair, black wings. (Flandre.)
    3. Yellow clothes, yellow ribbons and frills, pale yellow hat, red eyes, red hair, red wings.
    4. Pale green clothes, purple ribbons and frills, pale green hat, purple eyes, purple hair, green wings.
    5. Blue clothes, red ribbons and frills, blue hat, red eyes, gray hair, purple wings.
    6. Black clothes, dark red ribbons and frills, black hat, red eyes, dark red hair, black and purple wings.
    ([/url]Reference for color palettes.)

    Snake Codec: Snake: Colonel, what's with this girl? She's throwing me around like a paper bag!
    Colonel: That looks like Remilia Scarlet, Snake. She's a vampire.
    Snake: You're kidding, right?
    Colonel: I am not kidding, she has super human strength and is easily five hundred years old, don't let her appearance fool you, she isn't messing around.
    Snake: Italian Plumbers, Space Foxes and now Vampires? Could this get any weirder?

    Doc Louis Comment: "Watch out, Mac baby, that girl is a monster in a small package, she'll tear you up if you let her! Just get in there and meet her speed with a few punches and watch out for those dive bombs, anyone got some garlic?"

    Kirby Copy: Kirby gains Remilia's hat and wings, he can launch bat shaped danmaku when pressing B.

    Fast, hard hitting and graceful, Remilia's main drawback is that she's lightweight and easy to KO.
    She can do rolling dodges while in the air.

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