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    Reimu Hakurei Moveset

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    Reimu Hakurei Moveset Empty Reimu Hakurei Moveset

    Post by Amord on Tue May 27, 2014 8:52 pm

    Intro: Reimu quickly descends to the ground, landing gracefully on her feet. She then proceeds to wave her Miko Staff around, before taking stance!

    Idle: Reimu stands with her staff held behind her, but poised to strike, her other hand is held in front of her in a defensive posture. She will occasionally stretch (flashing her armpits at the camera, of course)

    Walk: Reimu steps forward casually, yet confidently. Her staff is held at her side, poised to strike as she does so.

    Run: Reimu kicks off of the ground, levitating slightly as she leans forward, moving at a fast pace. Her arms are held back so as to conserve stamina, but also to strike unexpectedly.

    Guarding: Reimu shifts her posture so as to brace herself for impact, she holds her Staff in front of her diagonally, and now holds her other hand against the tip of the staff in order to help defend.

    Dizzy: Reimu leans over slightly, holding her forehead with her free hand as she tries to keep balance.

    Sleep: Reimu lies down on her side, sets her Staff in front of her, and uses her hand to hold her head up. Her other arm is rested on her side, but draped down the front, so that her hand is resting on the ground. She also uses one leg to keep posture.

    Ducking: Reimu squats down, she uses the Staff to help keep her balance, while her other arm is rested on her knee.

    Crawling: Reimu quickly lowers from her crouched position, going prone. One of the few characters that can crawl through tight spaces.

    Edge grabbing: Reimu grabs the ledge with her free hand, she keeps her Staff ready to attack. Instead of being worried, she appears intensely focused.
    Attack after climbing up: Reimu pulls herself up, and then uses the momentum to slide along the ground, performing a sweeping kick!

    A: Single strike with her Staff.
    A (Combo): Strikes once with her Staff, then twice with her fist, and then a kick.
    Forward A: Reimu brings her free arm in front of her, and then swings it ahead of her!
    Backward A: Reimu turns slightly, using the momentum to swing her staff behind her!
    Down A: She uses her hands to help keep balance, performing a sweeping kick along the ground! Has a fair range in front of her.
    Up A: Reimu swings her staff overhead!
    Dash A: Reimu shifts herself slightly, and performs a diving kick!
    Air A: Reimu attempts to bash in front of her with her free arm.
    Forward Air A: Reimu kicks straight in front of her!
    Backward Air A: Reimu turns back slightly, kicking straight behind her!
    Down Air A: Reimu looks below her, and then poises to strike. As she falls, she uses the momentum to kick below her!
    Up Air A: Reimu readies her staff, and sweeps above her.
    Forward Smash: Instead of using her arm, Reimu will charge up a kick, striking straight ahead of her! Long range and very powerful if charged and unleashed at closer range.
    Backwards Smash:  Instead of using her staff, Reimu will turn slightly, sending a forceful kick behind her! Long range and very powerful if charged. Devastating at closer range.
    Up Smash: Reimu shifts her posture slightly, performing a short hop and flip and then kicks above her! Wide range that can hit above as well as left and right.
    Down Smash: Reimu sets her Staff up in front of her, and then holds two Gohei Orbs. She will then spin, slinging the Gohei Orbs off to her left and right! Charging will make the Gohei Orbs larger and more powreful.

    Grab: Reimu grabs hold of her opponent with one hand. Her expression becomes more focused.
    Pummel: Reimu knees her opponent.
    Forward throw: Reimu kicks her opponent forward!
    Backward throw: Reimu tosses her opponent lightly behind her, and then kicks them further back!
    Down throw: Reimu slams her foe into the ground, and proceeds to stomp a single time!
    Up throw: Reimu throws her opponent upwards, uppercutting them to send them farther!

    B: Reimu tosses a few Gohei Orbs in front of her. Can be charged for larger Orbs that will also bounce around the stage more.
    Down B: Reimu throws Amulets below her, deadly in closer range, but spreads out the farther it goes.
    Up B: Reimu flies upward as fast as she can. If she impacts with anyone, she will grasp them and use the momentum to spin around, kicking them in the opposite direction she was traveling in!

    Final Smash: Fantasy Heaven - Reimu levitates off of the ground, closing her eyes almost as if asleep, also glowing. She will home in on all enemies, attempting to gather them up in the torrent of glowing Gohei Orbs around her. If at least one is caught inside, the full devastating attack is unleashed, and is certainly a KO for the enemy (or enemies) caught.

    Up Taunt: Reimu tosses the Staff up above her, if it hits an enemy it will do minor damage. She then catches the Staff with her other hand, and places her now free hand on her hip as her posture shifts slightly. Eventually returns the Staff to her primary hand.
    Down Taunt: Reimu sits down in a meditative posture, still holding the staff with one hand.
    Side Taunt: Reimu will briefly twirl around in a ceremonial dance and prayer.

    Win poses:
    1. Reimu begins to stretch, and then turns slightly to face the Camera, she then smiles. Of course leaving one armpit completely exposed in the process.
    2. Reimu sets the Staff down, and proceeds to sit down and meditate calmly.
    3. Reimu is on her knees in sitting posture, facing the camera. She proceeds to edge the donation box towards the camera, then saying "Please donate."

    Series Icon: The Touhou name: 東方

    Crowd Chant: "Go Reimu! Go Reimu!"

    Victory Music: 0:00 to 0:12, then fades out

    Color Palettes:
    1. Default
    2. Blue Outfit
    3. Black Outfit, purple ascot
    4. Purple Outfit, red ascot
    5. Light Blue Outfit, Blue Sleeves, yellow ascot
    6. Orange Outfit, Dark Orange Sleeves, red ascot

    Snake Codec: [To be added]

    Doc Louis Comment: [To be added]

    Reimu is a medium weight character, but despite this she's fairly fast, but hard hitting. She's a well balanced character and should be easy to play.

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