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    My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets.

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    My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. Empty My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:27 pm

    “A sad shell possessed by the limitless power of the Master Crown, no more than a manifestation of the crown itself.”

    I believe the 2 incarnations are like night and day while one's fast and powerful but easy to knock around the other is still powerful but slow and more tank like being able to take a real beating. My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. 2643035221

    Magolor should be a glass canon type character. While he possesses great power he's about as light as Kirby meaning while his attacks have a good amount of damage and knockback he also can be knocked around pretty easily. But unlike the other Kirby characters he only has 3 somewhat short jumps.

    Here's a pic of him. I went with his EX form cause it's cooler

    Attack:8/10 (Between Captain Falcon and DK's)
    Speed:7/10 (Pikachu's)
    Height:3.5/10 (a little taller then Kirby)
    Recovery:7/10 (a little less then Kirby's)

    -Standard Attacks- Even his basic attacks use dark energy to do a little more damage then you'd think he could do at his size

    Neutral Attack:A simple punch combo that ends with a small blast of energy

    Side Tilt:He punches a few feet ahead since his hands are detached...

    Up Tilt:He waves his hand fallowed by a trail of very small explosions

    Down Tilt:He brings his hand down in a slaping motion

    Dash Attack:He runs forward while rapidly spinning his hands around him like a small cyclone.

    -Smash Attacks-

    Side Smash:He claps his hands together hard creating a explosion ahead of him dealing a single hit. Deals 23%

    Up Smash:He creates 3 energy balls above his head that spin around very fast dealing multiple hits before crashing together causing a explosion. Deals upto 24%

    Down Smash:He creates 2 med sized energy balls then slams them down one on each side. Each explodes on contact. Deals 22%

    -Air Attacks-

    Neutral Air:He creates 2 energy orbs that quickly fly around him.

    Forward Air:He quickly moves forward while surrounded by a veil of dark energy.

    Back Air:He does a quick backhanded slap.

    Up Air:He creates a small whirlwind just above his head. It deals multiple weak hits.

    Down Air:He does a midair energy stomp attack.


    Neutral Special:Proton Canon- On the ground Magolor charges up a large amount of energy before firing a rather large (for a character between Kirby and Dedede's size) mid ranged beam forward. In the air he hovers in the air and fires the beam straight down. charge time 2.5 seconds and it deals multiple hits before sending opponents flying. Deals upto 28%

    Side Special:Fire Storm- Magolor charges to shoot upto three (nearly kirby sized) fireballs that deal decent damage and knockback. They can be aimed by moving the control stick up and down while charging and even between shots. Each deals 9%

    Up Special:Warp- He teleports in any direction you aim. The range is between sheik and zelda and is followed up with a small shockwave of dark energy. It deals 15%.

    Down Special:Dimension Spear- He creates 4 piercing spears that come out of the ground 2 on each side of Magalor this attack knocks foes into the air there is a 2 second delay between uses to keep from spaming. Deals 26%

    -Final Smash-

    Dimension Vortex- He warps into the back ground and creates a large star shaped vortex (1/3 the size of FD) infront of where he warped from. It last for 4 seconds and everyone that gets sucked in goes to a cutsene with lots of small explosions before a large explosion that sends his opponents flying. Most characters get ko'd if they have 45% or more before being sucked in. It deals 52%

    Entry:A small star shaped tear in space opens up from which he emerges.

    Up Taunt:He juggles small balls of dark energy.

    Side Taunt:He holds his hands out and his cape billows forward.

    Down Taunt:He radiates pure dark energy and his eyes glow red.

    Alt colors (Optional)
    Black and Gray

    Magolor Soul is significantly bigger and and much stronger then his previous form. He very powerful to keep true to the strength he wields ingame. While being exceptionally dangerous opponent however once he's trying to recover he's pretty vulnerable.

    Note I'll just say Magolor to save space...

    Attack: 10/10 Stronger then Ganondorf's
    Attack Speed: 5/10
    Running Speed: 4/10 Melee Bowser's
    Height: 7/10 Bowser's
    Weight: 7.5/10
    Recovery: 3/10 Little Mac's

    -Special Attributes-
    Magolor Soul can jump upto 3 consecutive times.
    Most of his basic , air,  and smash attacks deal dark based damage.

    -Standard Attacks-

    Neutral Attack: Magolor swipes ahead with his claws.

    Neutral Combo: Magolor swipes with his left hand then right before using both in a x shaped attack.

    Side Tilt: Magolor does a strong backhand.

    Up Tilt: Magolor juggles 4 energy balls which repeatedly hit opponents above him.

    Down Tilt: Magolor slams his claws down on both sides of himself.

    Dash Attack: Magolor flies forward and does a spinning tackle.

    -Smash Attacks-

    Side Smash: Magolor Fires a mid ranged laser that's 2x wider the Aura Storm but it travels about 5 feet. Deals multiple hits and 26% damage.

    Up Smash: Magolor Slams his hands above himself creating a powerful explosion slightly bigger then a bobomb's explosion. Deals 28% damage and knocks opponents upwards.

    Down Smash: Magolor Magolor creates 2 pillars of dark energy on each side of himself. Each is about 4.ft tall. Deals 27% damage and knocks opponents upward.

    -Air Attacks-

    Neutral Air: Magolor creates 4 dark energy balls that fly around him. They deal multiple hits.

    Forward Air: Magolor swipes both of his claws downward.

    Back Air: Magolor

    Up Air: Magolor creates 3 dark energy balls that fly up a couple of feet in a spiral.

    Down Air: Magolor does a spinning divebomb straight down. It causes meteor smash.


    Pummel: Magolor punches with his other hand.

    Forward Throw: Magolor tosses his opponent forward and fires a few small dark energy balls similar to Mewtwo.

    Back Throw: Magolor quickly spins his opponent before letting them fly behind him.

    Up Throw: Magolor holds his opponent up then hits with a small explosion.

    Down Throw: Magolor slams his opponent on the ground with enough force to send them flying.

    -Specials- It'll help to use large models of Meta Knights sword for Magolor's Neutral, Volt Tackle for the Up Special, a dragon from the Mario Final, and Dedede's hammer for the Down Special...

    Neutral Special: Ultra Blade Rush- Magolor first does a powerful slash with his giant sword then by pressing B again he'll do a second slash with his other sword and if you press B once more he'll finish with a cross slash. The first two hits deal 10% each then the cross slash deals 20% which = 40% and has heavy knockback but has a slow start.

    Side Special: Dragon Flame- Magolor creates a large dragon shaped flame that drags opponents while damaging them. deals upto 29% damage

    Up Special: Beam Blits- Magolor creates a giant ball of electricity around himself and can moves in any direction for 2.5 seconds. While it's slower and easier to control then Volt Tackle it travels about as far as 3/4 the distance of FD. It deals upto 25% damage.

    Down Special: Arctic Hammer- Magolor slams a huge frozen hammer that causes a frigid shockwave to freeze opponents. It causes meteor smash in the air and deals 40% damage with a direct hit and the shockwave deals 8% damage.

    Final Smash: Dead Zone- Similar to Magolor EX's FS. Magolor creates a huge star shaped tear in space is roughly 2/3 the size of FD it sucks in opponents close to it and it stays out for 3 seconds. Those who get sucked in get trapped in a cutscene with numerous explosions. It deals 60% damage and has a high chance of knocking opponents out even heavy characters with very little damage.


    Entry: Magolor appears from a star shaped hole in space.

    Up Taunt: Magolor holds his hands up and radiates pure dark energy.

    Side Taunt: Magolor lets out a deep demonic sounding laugh.

    Down Taunt: Magolor growls while staring down his opponents

    Pallets: Same as EX

    My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. Mega_by_blacktalons-d7l39lh

    My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. Photowiki

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    My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. Empty Re: My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets.

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    These are impressive. I'd like to see more of them if you don't mind. My Magolor Ex + Soul movesets. 825290558

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