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    Bass moveset.

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    Bass moveset. Empty Bass moveset.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:34 am

    Bass's moveset consists mostly of ranged attacks  to deal damage from a safe distance along with some trap like abilities. Then stronger close ranged attacks for finishing off opponents. he's fairly light weight to make up for his distanced attacks.



    A-Bass Buster Quick- he fires a single pellet like shot. mid range (1/3 of FD's length)and does alittle less knockback then Falco's laser.
    AA-Bass Buster Quick Dbl- he fires 2 pellet shots mid range (1/3 of FD's length)and does alittle less knockback then Falco's laser.
    AAA-Bass Buster Quick Rapid- he fires a continuous stream of pellet shots (1/3 of FD's length)and does alittle less knockback then Falco's laser.
    Side A-Triple Blade- Bass fires 3 knife like projectiles from his buster arm mid ranged and spread as they fly. Long ranged. does same knockback as Bass Buster.
    Down A-Solar Blaze- Bass Fires a fireball that explodes on contact with opponents, opponent's attacks, or stage hazards. mid ranged but moves slowly. does good knockback for a basic attack.
    Up A-Rebound Striker- Bass throws A bouncy ball like projectile that can hit walls, opponents,or floors upto 3 times before disappearing. Does slight knockback.


    >.Smash-Wheel Cutter- Bass throw a saw blade downward that quickly rolls on the ground. Think Pickachu's B but faster with slightly lower range and alot heavier knockback. Also deals multiple hits before launching opponents

    v.Smash-Chill Spike- Bass shoots a ball of ice at the ground which forms into a spike trap. Knocks opponents high into the air unless he fires from a higher platform and it hits before freezing solid then it knocks them downward and either way it may freeze them for a short time.

    ^.Smash-Thunder Wool- Bass fires a thundercloud like ball of wool upwards it deals electric damage and medium knockback and stuns opponents. Once it reaches about 3 times Bass's height it fire a lighting bolt that knocks opponents straight down. Very dangerous over pits.


    Nair-Bass Bash- Bass hits opponents with one of his arms.
    Fair-Air Dash- Bass quickly moves forward with a kick.
    Bair-Air Reversal- Bass does a round house kick aimed behind him.
    Uair-Bass High- Bass jumps up slightly with a uppercut
    Dair-Bass >.Smash-Wheel Cutter- Bass throw a saw blade downward that quickly rolls on the ground. Think Pickachu's B but faster with slightly lower range and alot heavier knockback. Also deals multiple hits before launching opponents


    Dash Attack-Sliding Buster- Bass dashes forward and brings his buster out in a close ranged attack then fires a shot stronger then his Bass Buster Quick shots.
    Get Up Attack-Bass Buster Spread- When Bass gets up he Fires His Buster in these <.^.>. directions.
    Ledge Attack-Bass is Back- Bass get's up with a strong upward smash. deals moderate knockback
    Ledge Attack over 100%-Bass Revenge Blast- Bass gets up in a explosive wave of energy like in Megaman and Bass when he gets a boss weapon. deals pretty heavy knockback.

    B moves:

    B-Bass Buster Charge- Bass Fires chargable Green buster shots with a wicked skull shaped imprint. It's weakest form is the size of Wolf's laser and deals 6% dmg.
    At half charged It's size of Lucario's Aura Sphere(when at 0% dmg) and deals 12% dmg and the skull is more prominent.
    at full Power it's slightly bigger then Samus's Charge Shot and deals 24% dmg. At this point the shot is evil looking.

    >.B-Tengu Blade Dash- Bass dashes forward surrounded by wind with a bladed arm. Makes a good recovery move and once Bass stops a whirlwind like attack continues moving forward. Mid and long ranged the direct attack deals 14% dmg while the whirlwind deals 7% the whirlwind doesn't appear if the first attack hits an opponent.

    v.B-Ice Wall- Bass creates an ice column that works as a shield. It can take upto 18% dmg before breaking, but only 9% if it's a fire based attack. It breaks faster when damaged. Creating an Ice Wall above or in the same position of an enemy will make the column hit the opponent freezing them and dealing 16% dmg. The time they stay frozen depends on their dmg.

    ^.B-Trebble Boost- Bass's canine companion Trebble combines with him temporarily giving him the ability to fly. Works like Pit's Power of Light except it is faster, doesn't last as long, and by pressing A he can fire 3 pellet shots in a downward scattershot.


    Grab- Bass Grabs his opponent in a choke hold.
    Pummel- Bass knees his opponent.
    F-Throw- Bass does a basic forward throw.
    U-Throw- Bass throws his opponent up and shoots them once with a pellet shot.
    B-Throw- Bass throws his opponent back over his shoulder.
    D-Throw- Bass slams his opponent down hard.


    Up Taunt- Bass looks up and laughs evilly.
    Side Taunt- Bass releases a small blast of energy then blows the smoke away from his buster.
    Down Taunt- Bass radiates wicked looking purple energy.

    Entrance-Like Megaman's only purple
    Victory 1- Bass glares off into the distance as if contemplating his next battle.
    Victory 2- Bass stands by Trebble looking cool as Trebble howls.
    Victory 3- Bass laughs maniacally with his arms crossed.
    KO-Like Megaman's only purple
    Loss- Bass is on one knee while sparking as if damaged.

    Bass moveset. Mega_by_blacktalons-d7l39lh

    Bass moveset. Photowiki
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    Bass moveset. Empty Re: Bass moveset.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:45 pm

    Bass one of the strongest and most vicious NetNavis ever his power is greatest when He's faced with a worthy opponent. There for he only fights with his true power after taking a reasonable amount of damage. normal 0-130% he stays at his lowest level of power. once his dmg%

    when his dmg ranges from 131-999% his cape will mostly be shredded and his hands will radiate dark energy and his eyes glow red. In this state Bass's attack power and the range of his attacks become much more powerful. His specials will change too.

    He is a high risk high reward character. while his power raises dramatically his chances of getting k.o'd increase. once he's k.o'd he returns to his original state.


    -Basics- Bass's attack range goes up by 1/2 during his dark form.

    A Moves

    AAA- Buster Rake- Bass uses both of his busters to fire at his opponents. mid ranged.

    Side A- Air Burst- Bass fires a green speedy energy shot at his opponent.

    Down A -Tank Cannon- Bass fires a energy blast that moves down until it hits the ground about 5 feet ahead.

    Up A -Wide slash- Bass swings a purple wide sword above his head.

    Side Smash-Dark Arm Blade- Bass will appear a few feet ahead and swing his arm in a horizontal slash. It deals 20% dmg and has a 3.ft range when nrm and 30% dmg and 5.ft range in dark form.

    Down Smash-Delete Tower- Bass throws a pair of bombs to the ground that erupt into huge energy pillars on both sides of him. It deals 22% dmg nrm and 33% in dark form.

    Up Smash-Homing Spark- Bass fires a slow-moving spark that homes in on his opponent for about 5 feet. deals 18% dmg nrm, 27% dark form. Nair- Bass swings his hands ahead of himself while they glow yellow nrm and in purple dark form.

    Fair- Bass brings his hands down like a hammer while his hands glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
    Bair- Bass does a backwards kick while his foot glows yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
    Uair- Bass does a slight uppercut while his hand glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.
    Dair- Bass does a diving kick while his feet glow yellow when normal, purple in dark form.

    Dash Attack- Bass dashes forward and does a roundhouse kick. his foot glows yellow nrm, purple drk
    Get Up Attack- Bass jumps up hitting nearby opponents with his hands and feet they glow yellow nrm, purple drk.
    Ledge Attack- Bass jumps up firing his buster randomly ahead oh himself.
    Ledge Attack over 130%- Bass jumps up in a explosive blast of energy it's purple.

    B moves: some change or upgrade depending on Bass's Current form

    B-Gospel Breath- Bass charges up before unleashing a beam attack from a cannon shaped like Gospel's head ( )It takes 2.5 seconds to charge mid range and it deals 24% dmg.

    Side B- Gospel Claw- Two of Gospel's claws will attack opponents ahead. Mid ranged and deals 14% dmg.

    Down B- Earth Breaker- Bass hits his opponent by gathering tremendous large amounts of power then slamming his hand to the ground. Close ranged it deals 24% dmg and breaks shield.

    Up B-Sonic Dash Bass moves so fast he temporarily turns invisible. He can aim it and control the angle like Lucario's Up B. Dark

    Dark Form

    B-Dark Arm Blade- Bass will teleport next to a opponent within 6 feet ahead of him and swing his arm in a wide sword/long sword motion. it is depicted as if Bass is clenching his fists with darkness shooting out from the top of his hands. It deals 32% dmg.

    Side B-Hell's Rolling- Bass summons 2 rings/wheels simultaneously, which will converge at the opponent. deals 11% dmg each.

    Down B -Black Earth Breaker- Similar to Earth Breaker but has its range improved by 1/4 and deals 36% dmg.

    Normal FS.
    Vanishing World-Bass morphs his hand into a huge Gospel Cannon and then fires a very destructive white laser which between the Zero laser's and Aura Storm's sizes and works similar. deals heavy knockback and 46% dmg.

    Dark form.

    Chaos Nightmare-Bass will float up, then create a very devastating sphere of darkness in the air. He then targets the nearest opponent's current location before hurling it down on his opponent. deals 60% dmg.


    Up Taunt- Bass shouts "you are nothing..."
    Side Taunt- Bass says "Little boy... How did you get in here...?"
    Down Taunt- Bass Holds up his fist which radiates aura (the color depends on his form)

    Entrance- A portal of darkness appears on the ground then Bass floats out of it.
    Victory 1- Bass says nothing. (Bass's cape billows in the air as he gives off an intense energy field.)
    Victory 2- Bass says " It won't be long until judgment day... You'd better be ready..."
    Victory 3- Bass crosses his arms and says "...You...scum..."
    Loss- Bass says " ...How did you withstand my attack... "

    Bass moveset. Mega_by_blacktalons-d7l39lh

    Bass moveset. Photowiki

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