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    The Dream Team.

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    The Dream Team. Empty The Dream Team.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:22 am

    If Sakurai were rep the M&L RPG series with Mario & Luigi/Dreamy Luigi they would alternate between normal and dreamy state via FS(I know he said no transformations but he also said no clones...) In their normal state they'd use Bros. attacks for specials and in dreamy state they'd use Luiginary attacks.

    they rely on their hammers for basic attacks. note I'll just call Mario M and Luigi L to save space.

    A. Mario swings his hammer.
    AAA. first M swings his then L then they both swing upward.
    ^.A a simple upper swing
    >.A They run forward and do a hammer spin.
    v.A they stand back to back and hit the ground with their hammers.


    Grab M grabs his opponent and holds onto him/her leaving L to attack with his hammer.
    hit. L hits with his hammer

    ^.throw L delivers a upper cut with his hammer
    >.throw M does a spin while holding his opponent then L swings his hammer and hits the opponent like a baseball.
    <.throw L hits his opponent from behind them
    v.throw L slmas his hammer down hard has a 1/3 chance of "burying" the opponent. (Think DK's >.b)


    ^.S Bros. Hammer Upper- M&L stand back to back and swing their hammers up and both hammers collide above their heads. separately they deal 7% dmg and decent knockback but if a opponent gets caught between the hammers they take 14% dmg and higher knockback.

    >.S Bros. Drill-L jumps on M's shoulders then they fly forward by a few feet spinning really fast. deals multiple hits and upto 13% dmg and med knockback.

    v.S Bros. Cyclone- M jumps on L's head and they perform a spin attack works similar to the "Mario Tornado" but it deals more hits and slightly less dmg per hit.


    .B Fire Flower- M&L rapidly shoot fireballs together has less range then current Mario's fireball but can be thrown alot faster. deals little knockback and first 2 fireballs deal 3%dmg then the next deal 2% then 1% as long as you spam the attack.

    ^.B Dropchopper- L puts on a propeller hat and M grabs his feet then they fly up similar to Snake's ^.b but by pressing v they'll do a spinning divebomb. causes meteor smash but if you miss over a pit there's no stopping your fall...

    >.B Bye Bye Cannon- Mario pulls out a cannon then him a L quickly jump inside it'll fire them forward. Press A just before hitting somebody to deal extra dmg and knockback. deals 8% dmg without pressing A and deals 16% and more knockback if you do.

    v.B Bomb Derby- L will pull out a purple bomb and throw it to M press a to hit it with his hammer at their opponents. There's a 1/4 chance of L pulling out a big bomb. If you don't press a in time M gets hit instead. Deals 7% dmg per bomb and 21% dmg per big bomb.

    FS Dream Beat Blast- 4 large speakers will appear in the background and play relaxing music and put everybody to sleep. L will walk into the background to sleep his "Dreamy" avatar will quickly wake up M they'll then fight "Dreamy style"

    M &Dreamy L would look like normal except L would be transparent and they'd fight with smaller/nerfed versions of their Luiginary attacks.

    their Specials would be

    v.B Luiginary Hammer- several Ls would appear behind M as you charge up they'd jump onto M's hammer to form a giant hammer. takes 3.seconds to fully charge. At full power it's Bowser sized and Deals 25% dmg. causes meteor smash if your opponent is in the air.

    .B Luiginary Typhoon- Several Ls would spin around M to form a tornado about 1.5x as wide as Bowser they'd stay like that as long as you hold B but the attack deals weaker dmg the longer it's sustained. it draws opponents in from upto 3.ft away. deals multiple hits starting at 3% per hit.

    >.B Luiginary Ball- M holds up a L that rolls up into a ball then runs on him to roll either direction. as you roll L copies will appear ad be added to the ball it'll deal 2% dmg for each L in it. you can get upto 6 Ls press b to get M off the ball and push it once with all his strength. deals 3% dam per L when pushed and 1% per L when just rolling.

    ^.B Luiginary Stack- M hops onto a double stacked platform made of Ls on the ground they can all crouch and jump like a spring. In the air M can jump off them once then the Ls will fall down hitting and dealing 2% dmg per L or you can push v. in the air to stomp straight down. Deals 17% dmg from stomp.

    FS Giant Luigi Finisher-
    first Giant L would use a uppercut if it hits somebody then he/she them get knocked into a interactive cutscene where they float around and M guides the star attempting to hit them. uppercut deals 25% dmg and star deals 30% dmg.

    afterwards L wakes up and they return to "normal style"

    T1- M&L talk to each other in whatever their language is
    T2- Dreambert appears and gives a rousing battlecry.
    T3- Starlow appears and seems to give tactical advise.

    L is laying on a pillow and M jumps out of a dream portal and wakes L

    W1 M&L high five.
    W2 M&L strike a battle pose then L trips.
    W3 M&L jump up and yell "wahoo"

    Loss L faints and M catches him.

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