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    Post by Raymu on Tue May 12, 2015 9:58 pm

    The series is "high fantasy" but there is also technology from a long forgotten age.

    In this strange continent, life is thriving as if it was medieval times, alongside something out of fantasy, many races exist alongside humans, however, buried beneath many places lies a long forgotten civilization, called the "Holographic age" by everyone, technology abounds in these ruins, strange machines with letters printed on buttons, ranged weapons which fire bolts of "light", many strange things so few understand. No one from the Holographic age still stands alive today, it can be presumed it fell due to the large amounts of undead creatures littering the continent, it might've fallen one thousand years ago, meaning it's ruins are incredibly sturdy to have survived so long. However, the land has no one single ruler, many groups fight and vye for control and others simply try to live peacefully.

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