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    Kill la Kill Video game

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    Kill la Kill Video game

    Post by Raymu on Sat Sep 12, 2015 7:07 am

    So here's my ideas for how one would work. IT'S TOO GOOD NOT TO MENTION.

    So it'd be a beat-em-up. A fast paced one, chaotic, befitting Kill la Kill's theme of over the top action.

    There would be alternate costumes you could unlock. For instance the clothes Ryuuko wears in the beginning. (Though alternate costumes would be automatically used when required in story mode.)

    So the modes are:
    Story Mode
    Additionally, Versus is split into three variants. Tournament mode, race mode (Two players battle through a stage to finish first)
    And free play (Simply one-on-one matches using any available characters + costumes.)

    Story mode would work a lot like the story mode from those one Dragon ball fighting games. You get to pick from various characters and play through their story. From there you go through many stages and boss fights as that character, experiencing their story, if you will.

    Of course as you complete stories you unlock others. You can even do co-op with any available characters. (Though naturally cutscenes and such won't reflect the second player.)

    The story-mode characters:
    Ryuuko (Obvious)
    Each of the Elite Four
    Maybe another character?

    Unlockable Story-mode characters:
    Fight Club Mako (BOSS RUSH MOOODE)
    Ultimate Ryuuko
    Dr. Matoi
    Junketsu Ryuuko

    There would also be several "What-if" stages to play through that are unlocked by going through each story.


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