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    Roblox is copying Minecrafts terrain


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    Roblox is copying Minecrafts terrain Empty Roblox is copying Minecrafts terrain

    Post by CivilProtection on Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:34 pm

    To little things like "Mining Games" To "Fly and Destroy" From the video "Roblox upgrade teresin"

    Now, I would simply link to my forum post, but Im on the wii, cuzbIm lazy.

    Only two of us played Roblox, But, I think Roblox is being more greedy.

    They basicly hide other games from the poor user. How they do this? They have a word filter, if you say word, you get a warning. Now, ssy Minecraft. Not so harmful, BUT! You still get a warning. They simply put other games into their filter, so the user CANT find a BETTER game.

    One of the producers doesnt care about his users, ststing "When free members quite, we save money" Basicly telling us he and Roblox only care for money.

    Their trying to beat Minecraft. Its like Fortress Craft all over again, but with a shitty game.

    *Forum post at CraftHub, within other games*

    Roblox is copying Minecrafts terrain Firmablackrockshooter-1-1
    Roblox is copying Minecrafts terrain CpmariokartlicenseRoblox is copying Minecrafts terrain Uwhm8

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