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    Hyped for Skyrim

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    Hyped for Skyrim

    Post by Amord on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:45 pm

    This game looks flat out amazing.

    Gameplay Trailer

    Live-Action Trailer

    A handy "what we know so far" of Skyrim

    The Skyrim Coverage Database - Lists every detail no matter how massive or insignificant.

    The Skyrim Nexus, where all mods will eventually be uploaded.

    Phew! That was quite a few links to hunt down.

    But now you see my hype for this game. You play as Dovahkiin -- That is the tongue of Dragons, and it means "Dragonborn".

    There's some speculation that Meiling is a Dragon Youkai. So my first Dovahkiin will be her.

    That or Sakuya, since there is a Dragonshout for slowing time around the player.

    ... Leaning towards Meiling, though. Just seems more her style to be trekking across the mountains of Skyrim.

    Just imagine it... Meiling will stand triumphantly on the corpse of a Dragon, absorbing it's Soul for new powers.

    She shouts "DOVAHKIIN!" at the top of her lungs, drawn out and echoing across the mountains. A thunderous rumbling as a result of her growing power.

    ...... Aaaaagh, want so much.



    Remilia: Intercouuuuurse... Pert pert, thighs. Botty botty botty. Ohohohohoho! EROGENEOUS ZONE!
    Sakuya: *sets down tea cup and stands* *walks away*
    Remilia: AH HAH HAH HAAAH. OH CONCUBINE! EROGENEOUS ZOOOOOOOONE! Loose woman! Erogeneous Zone!
    Sakuya: *walks back with bucket of water* *splashes Remilia*

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