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    Anime movesets.

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    Anime movesets. Empty Anime movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:37 pm

    Ryuko Matoi. Is a heavy hitting character yet a fast one too, she has stat altering abilities. However using said abilities come at the price of her stamina. Each different ability cost stamina points or sp for short.

    Senketsu Senjin: This ability gives Ryuko upto twice as many hits with her basic, dash, tilt attacks and her smashes and specials deal 1.3x dmg. Cost 3% per second  

    Senketsu Shippu: This ability lets Ryuko jump 1.5x her normal jump distance and lets her move significantly faster in the air. Cost 3% per second.

    Senketsu Shippu Senjin: By combining the 2 abilities Ryuko becomes a much bigger threat however it cost 7% per second so use it wisely.

    Attack: 7.5/10
    Atk Speed: 8/10
    Run Speed8/10
    Weight: 4.5/10
    Height: 5/10


    A Ryuko does a horizontal slash.

    AAA Ryuko does 2 horizontal slashes then fallows up with a upwards vertical slash.

    ^.A Ryuko stabs upwards with her scissorblade.

    >.A Ryuko does a downwards vertical slash while moving forward.

    v.A Ryuko stabs downwards with her scissorblade.

    DashRyuko spins rapidly like a whirlwind. (similar to Megaman's dash attack)


    Nair Ryuko releases a small shockwave that reaches 2.5ft around her.

    Fair Ryuko does a short air dash and stab forward.

    Uair Ryuko gets a short boost upwards while doing a corkscrew slash.

    Bair Ryuko spins backwards and deals a horizontal slash.

    Dair Ryuko does a falling stab attack that causes meteor smash but greatly increases her fall speed.

    Smashes During these attacks Ryuko uses the fully extended form of her scissorblade "Decapitation Mode" If the smash is fully charged effectively doubling her scissorblade's range.

    ^.Smash Ryuko stabs her scissorblade up while generating a strong wave of energy around herself. It deals 27% dmg when fully charged.

    >.Smash Ryuko swiftly dashes ahead and delivers a powerful horizontal slash. It deals 26% when fully charged.

    v.Smash Ryuko does a spinning slash with her scissorblade close to the ground to trip opponents then if you push the A button again she'll deliver a upward slash. The first hit deals 10% and the second deals 18%


    B Satsuki Tagteam Clash- Ryuko calls for backup and so Satsuki Kyurin appears ahead 1/3 of FD's length and then the 2 of them charge towards the center between them and their blades clash dealing heavy dmg and knockback to those caught between them. It deals 30% dmg.

    ^.B Life Fiber Booster- Ryuko flies upwards swiftly 1/3 of FD's length and deals a (optional) 2 part combo. The first hit is like Marth's ^.B but then she'll do a vertical spinning attack that drags opponents downward with her dealing several weak hits and upto 23% dmg. The trajectory can be altered to the left or right. Or with during her Shippu state it will travel 1/2 the length of FD.

    >.B Sonic Slash- Ryuko can charge up a slash that creates a wave of energy that flies forward upto 1/2 FD's length. And it deals upto 14% dmg, and can be fallowed-up with a second faster slash creating a cross shaped wave of energy When the second slash catches up with the first) and it deals 28% dmg.

    v.B Life Fiber Pulse- Ryuko generates huge amount of raw energy that pushes opponents and items away. (Think Mario's FLUDD that hits in every direction.However you can't hold a charge.)

    Final Smash Dual Decapitation Final- Ryuko does a slash that leads to a cutscene of her and Satsuki(with the other half of the scissorblade) dealing several slashes then Ryuko takes the other half of the scissorblade and does a flashy final attack that makes a cross shaped explosion. Deals a total of 64% dmg.

    Taunts In order to use "Shippu Sennin" you start using either her >. or ^. taunt then quickly use the other mid transformation

    >.Taunt. Ryuko spins her scissorblade and then yells "Senjin" and changes to her blade covered form.
    ^.Taunt. Ryuko does a short jump and yells "Shippu" and changes her form.
    v.Taunt. Ryuko stops and meditates breafly and returns to her normal form.

    Anime movesets. Mega_by_blacktalons-d7l39lh

    Anime movesets. Photowiki
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    SSB Expert

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    Anime movesets. Empty Re: Anime movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Tue May 23, 2017 8:33 pm

    Ainz Ooal Gown (Mamonga)

    Ainz Ooal Gown is the guild leader of Nazarik the only entirely monster guild in the world of Yggdrasil. He's a Elder Liche unparalleled in magic who stays 3 steps ahead in battle. He boast unheard-of variety in his spells along with a wide arsenal of weapons used by his guildsmen at his disposal.

    Ainz fights with weapons on the ground that he summons straight from the Nazarik vault, while relying on spell based attacks in the air. His neutral special Triple Maximize magnifies the power of his spells used for his other specials and smashes. His basic attacks are fast but average on power while his smashes and specials have abit of use lag to balance out their huge destructive output.

    Attack Power: 8.5 Very high damage output.
    Attack Speed: (Basic) 6.5 (Specials) 5.5 Slow, so use planning
    Walk Speed: 4 Ganondorf slow.
    Run Speed: 5.5 Ganondorf slow.
    Height: 8 Slightly taller then Ganondorf.
    Weight: 8 A heavy character.

    -Move list-
    Since the names of his weapons are Very long and RPGish, I'll just refer to them by their type.

    Jab: Ainz quickly slashes with a pair of daggers separately several times before finishing with a cross slash with both. It deals 2% with the first slash 1% with the fallowing slashes, then 4% dmg with the cross slash.
    >.Tilt: Ainz slashes once with a lightning bladed sword. It deals 6% dmg.
    ^.Tilt: Ainz swings a longsword above his head in a large swing. It deals 7% dmg.
    v.Tilt: Ainz swings a heavy battle axe down. It deals 10% dmg, moves slower then his other attacks and meteor smashes airborn opponent off of a ledge.
    Dash: Ainz stops quickly before firing a single flaming arrow from a magic bow. It deals 7% dmg, and travels 7ft ahead.

    (I kept the damage output on even numbers for the effect of Triple Maximize Magic)
    N.Air- Dragon Lightning: Ainz surrounds himself with dragon shaped bolts of lightning. It deals 8% dmg, and has a 2ft range in every direction.
    >.Air- Magic Arrow: Ainz fires a shot of magic energy forward 5ft. It deals 8% dmg, and is 1ft in diameter.
    ^.Air- Greater Magic Seal: Ainz creates a small magic circle that fires a stream of very small magic arrows straight up. It deals upto 8% dmg, and carries opponents up quickly and last for 1 second.
    v.Air- True Dark: Ainz creates a wave of pure darkness then sends it down as a shot that drags opponents down. It deals upto 10% dmg, and is 1.5ft wide.
    <.Air- Hell Flame: Ainz fires a small flame shot behind himself that burst into a pillar of flames on contact with an opponent or attack. It deals 10% dmg, and the pillar is 2ft tall.

    Grab- Heart Grab: Ainz can grab opponents within 4ft infront of himself. But it cannot grab ledges in the air. He grabs a semi transparent representation of their heart.
    Pummel: Ainz sqeezes the opponents heart dealing 2% dmg.
    >.Throw: Ainz creates a magic circle that launches his opponent forward. It deals 7% dmg.
    ^.Throw: Ainz throws his opponent upward before firing a weak volley of magic arrows. It deals 8% dmg.
    v.Throw: Ainz slams his opponent onto the ground with a burst of dark energy. It deals 9% dmg.
    <.Throw: Ainz throws his opponent behind himself before setting them ablaze with magic. It deals 9% dmg.


    >.Smash- Reality Slash: Ainz creates a dimensional cutting blade and fires it ahead. It ranges from 2-3.5ft tall and travels 5ft ahead. It deals upto 14% dmg, and can hit multiple opponents. Triple Maximize Magic triples the attack's movement speed rather then shear size.

    ^.Smash- Drifting Master Mine: Ainz creates a floating magic mine that homes in on nearby opponents (within 4ft of it's point of creation) and it remains there for 3 seconds unless it is detonated or Ainz creates another. It deals 16% dmg normally, and has a blast radius of 2ft.

    v.Smash- Negative Burst: Ainz creates powerful explosive burst of raw negative energy around himself. It deals upto 18% dmg, and has a blast radius of 2.5ft around himself.


    .B- Triple Maximize Magic: A powerful buffing spell that triples the area of effect of Ainz's next spell while increasing the damage output to 1.5x the normal ammount. It creates a magic circle around Ainz and takes 2 seconds to cast.

    >.B- Gravity Maelstrom: Ainz holds a ball of super concentrated gravity magic before firing it forward upto 12ft. It deals 10% dmg and increases the fall speed of the opponent it hits to 2x their normal fall speed. Normally it has a blast radius of 3ft (and will most likely only hit 1 opponent), but with the effect of Triple Maximize Magic it can hit multiple opponents within 9ft of its detonation.

    ^.B- Greater Teleport: Ainz can teleport 6ft away in any direction. If Ainz teleports to the ground, he recovers very quickly (.80 seconds) and can attack immediately after that time has passed, making it a more efficient way of moving over his slow walk/run pace. It has a tell tale sign of Ainz glowing light blue just before teleporting so it's possible for a observant player to be ready. Its range is tripled by the Triple Maximize Magic spell.

    v.B- Falling Down: Ainz cast a powerful super tier magic spell that unleashes a destructive blast of energy. It creates a pillar of sky blue energy that's 5ft wide and 8ft tall (normally). It deals 28% dmg to opponents normally and 42% and 3x the range with Triple Maximize Magic in place. It takes 4 seconds to use with a rather obvious magic circle around Ainz, and has a 24 second cooldown period unless Ainz is ko'd, even if the attack is interrupted. Ainz also takes 1/3 the total damage it puts out, making it a double edged sword.

    -Final Smash-
    The Goal of All Life is Death: Ainz cast a powered up version of Banshee's Scream, which creates a deadly field of energy 8ft around himself after a 1 second casting period. All opponents caught in it are inflicted with a doom counter that takes 6 seconds to count down. At the end the caught opponents take 30% dmg, and depending on their current circumstance they're dealt with accordingly. Opponents on the ground with <100% dmg are hit with shield break, opponents in the air with <100% dmg are meteor smashed, and opponents with >100% dmg are ko'd on the spot.


    Anime movesets. Mega_by_blacktalons-d7l39lh

    Anime movesets. Photowiki

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