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    FATE/EXTRA: Command Prompt


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    Post by Raymu on Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:29 pm


    Enter Password: *******

    Password accepted!

    The rules have been changed, no more weekly match-ups and battles at the end of the week, it's everyone for themselves in the maze and arena, both of which change to a random virtual world every day.

    The City square is the hub world, weapons won't work here, so nobody can be eliminated here. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few...Loopholes. The place is made up of several buildings:

    .The Hotel is each participant's home. Entering the elevator will take them to their own top floor pent house with a view of a city skyline.

    .The restaurant provides food for the Masters. And Servants too, if they wish.

    .The Library provides information...If you can find the right books, given they're all lacking their covers and any titles.

    .The Clinic provides medical help when needed.

    .The shop provides equips and other things!

    .The warehouse may seem empty, but talking to the two ladies here may reveal other things...

    ."Bob Bullfrog's Maze and fun center" provides the entrance to the Maze.

    .The odd elevator brings you to the Arena.

    .The Fountain in the center has a holographic projection...Keep an eye on it!

    There are no "real" rules, beware of your opponents, whoever they may be.

    Team-ups are viable...Just be aware of who you side with.

    The City square has a background of Skyscrapers...Don't try reaching them though, a forcefield blocks all roads out of there, and also blocks any chance of escape on the rooftops.

    The city square changes at night...The moon and stars come out, and some of the establishments change!

    .The Library becomes a Nightclub at night.

    .The shop may just change it's stock...

    "Two Servants at once! What a steal!!"

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