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    Gensokyo's boys: Design topic.


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    Post by Raymu on Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:35 am

    I'm making this so we can put the designs for our characters here and not accidentally forget them. Gensokyo's boys: Design topic. 825290558

    Here is a (Non-canon, but who cares.) Height chart of the Gensokyo girls:


    Alex Margatroid:
    Title: Son of Makai

    He has shoulder length black hair with long bangs on the front, his face is clean cut, with blue eyes and a non-muscular structure. His body frame is also non-muscular, looking far more "Young"ish than the regilar guy, he has a long red scarf with white frills on both sides of it, and further down, a white undershirt and red tie, with a dark blue vest that has a few pockets on it, down from there, he's sporting a brown belt tied to his waist diagonally, it has several small holding pouches tied to it, he has long dark blue pants that are very formal, much like his shirt and vest, his clothing finishes off with brown boots, much like thise worn by his Mother. (Minus the female design of the boots). He is 18 and his height is between Tenshi and Sanae's size, 5'1" tall. Weight is 145 lbs.


    Alice Margatroid: Mother

    Okami Margatroid: Sister

    Shinki: Grandmother

    Yumeko: Nanny, Maid

    Reimu Hakurei: Wife/Girlfriend, Best friend since childhood

    Marisa Kirisame: Best friend since childhood

    Youmu Konpaku: Wife/Girlfriend, Obsessive girl

    Sakuya Izayoi: Wife/Girlfriend

    Yukari Yakumo: Mentor of sorts, Girlfriend

    Yuuka Kazami: Known for a long time, Wife

    Karasu Reiuji: Best friend since childhood

    CP/Cirnochaos/Rashinfiald: Best friend

    .Literal prodigy of magic
    .Strong grip on Alice's puppeteer magic due to being her son and pupil
    .Fair and slowly improving danmaku skills personally taught from Reimu
    .Can activate his "Six winged Makaian" power, growing almost unlimited magic strength for as long as it lasts

    .Is gullible and naive
    .Isn't physically strong and can't run fast
    .Not too confident
    .If using his ultimate power for too long, he will drop right to the ground and lose all of it fast, recovers from this, but slowly
    .Is extremely weak against Reimu. Reimuuuu~...

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    Post by Amord on Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:11 am

    Karasu Reiuji:
    Title: Raven, Hellraven, "The Raven"

    Karasu has short black hair, reaching just barely down to his shoulders. While it's combed down, certain areas do show sign of messiness. Either from appreciation for the appearance or laziness. His eyes carry a darkred, somewhat brown color.

    He stands at a somewhat impressive height of 5'9", putting him equal with Kanako's height of 180 cm. His weight is at around 175 lbs, giving him a thin yet not unhealthy build.

    On his back, he has two black wings reaching 69 inches each in full length. When not in use, his wings tend to be 'worn' around his body in a manner similar to a cape or cloak. In terms of his clothes, he wears a fairly simple black suit with white shirt underneath. The buttons of the suit are of a dark green color. Tucked neatly into the suit is a darkred tie.

    He also chooses to wear black shoes. Finally, he wears a cloak primarily of a black color. However shades of a dark blue are noticeable, giving it an almost dream-like quality. In order to hold the cloak in place, there is a dark green chain which clasps it into it's proper place and ensures that it won't slip off easily.

    He is currently eighteen years of age.


    Utsuho Reiuji: Mother

    Mokkah Reiuji: Sister

    Satori Komeiji: Caretaker

    Koishi Komeiji: Childhood Friend

    Rin Kaenbyou: Nanny

    Remilia Scarlet: Wife/Girlfriend

    Meiling Hong: Wife/Girlfriend

    Patchouli Knowledge: Wife/Girlfriend

    Koakuma: Wife/Girlfriend

    Alex Margatroid: Childhood Friend, Best Friend

    CP/Rashinfiald: Best Friend


    *Inherited Magic Ability from Utsuho and the Sun God she had consumed

    *Excellent grasp of conjuration of suns, as well as magic which involves 'being fired up' to use well, due to learning from Utsuho.

    *Skilled in the use of Danmaku due to constant practice with friends and family. However is by no means a pro, has much to learn.

    *Can enter True Hellraven mode. Enveloping him in a red aura and causing his eyes to become a glowing, pure white. Huge increase to magical abilities, practically unlimited amounts of mana for as long as it lasts.


    *Can be quick to anger

    *Prideful, while knowing that perfection is impossible, he still strives to be one that can impress both friends and family. Failure can hit him hard.

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    Remilia: Intercouuuuurse... Pert pert, thighs. Botty botty botty. Ohohohohoho! EROGENEOUS ZONE!
    Sakuya: *sets down tea cup and stands* *walks away*
    Remilia: AH HAH HAH HAAAH. OH CONCUBINE! EROGENEOUS ZOOOOOOOONE! Loose woman! Erogeneous Zone!
    Sakuya: *walks back with bucket of water* *splashes Remilia*

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    Post by CivilProtection on Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:27 am

    Name: Chaos/CivilProtection, or Rashinfiald.
    Title: ...The one who is a fairy?

    A male with long, blue hair. His height is 6'2, making him 188 in CM, making him taller than Kanako and weights 170 pounds or so. He has brown eyes and his nationality is Asian. Since he doesnt care of his appearance, his hair is usually messy and messy shirt.

    He wears a white t-shirt and a navy blue jacket, a black pants with a belt with a silver metal piece. He wears grey and blue coloured shoes. He'd often wear a blue tie and sometimes a hat.

    He is twenty one years old, but doesnt like to act like it.


    Alice Margatroid: Wife
    Miyako Yoshika: Wife
    Yamame: Childhood Friend and Girlfriend
    Aya Shameimaru: Wife/Girlfriend
    Momiji Inubashiri: Wife/Girlfriend
    Hatate Himekaido: Dedicated Rival/Girlfriend
    Eirin Yagokoro: Wife/Girlfriend
    Nue Houjuu: Wife/Girlfriend
    Kaku Seiga: Wife/Girlfriend
    Yumeko: Girlfriend
    Nitori Kawashiro: Wife/Girlfriend
    Kagerou Imaizumi: Wife/Girlfriend
    Lunasa Prismriver: girlFriend
    Kokoro: Fiancee/girlfriend
    Mokou Fujiwara: Wife/girlfriend
    Junko: Girlfriend
    Reisen 2: Waifu
    Heida no Akyuu: Waifu
    Papyrus: Papyrus
    Shinki: *******************************
    Cirno: Mother
    Alex Margatroid: Best Friend
    Amord: Best Friend


    Control over dolls, but not as good as Alice. Has a wide knowledge of robots, and have about five functioning robots under his command. However, he continues to pretend that he cant create a single robot.

    For actual abilities, he can control Ice like his mother. He can create a mist of ice flee from battle, or to gain an advantage over his enemy. He can create a small to large area to be surrounded in snow and ice,  leaving the terrain and possibly the weather to be cold and, if he uses enough energy, misery. Other Ice Powers is borrowed down from his mother, which is Danmaku.

    He has mastered the unique power of Pervertness. He can snatch any female panties and have it in his possession in no time. However, he has troubles reversing this ability. He can either give her the wrong panties or give her a climax. ...Okay, it doesnt give her a climax. Worst scenario, hers clothing may vanish.

    His Ultimate form does not exist and in no way he wants everyone to find out its a complete lie.

    Jokes aside, most likely is Ultimate Form gives him Wings like his mother, and triples his Ice powers.


    Has an anger issue, and will let his emotions control his actions.

    Is afraid of Ghosts

    Doesnt like the heat that well

    Can be distracted by breasts. Small or large.

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    Post by TheLastDragoon on Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:06 pm

    Name: Dusk
    Age: ??
    Appearance:18-26 years.
    Height: 5ft 11inch
    Eye color: Left eye green. Right eye yellowish/hazel.
    Hair: Somewhat long (not quite shoulder-length) and has a pale silver coloring (all natural)

    Race: Human.
    Gender: Male.
    Blood type: ????
    Relations: ????

    Personality: Dusk is normally cheerful but he's not blindly nieve. He tries to treat others fairly and only really gets mad when those he considers friends are in trouble. He is protective of said friends and doesn't turn a blind eye to those in need. However once angered he can really hold his own in a fight.

    Backstory: Dusk is a special case. His body doesn't age outwardly, but he's a quick learner as far as relations and is intelligent. However he loses all memories of himself and those around him once Every 15 years. He slips into a deep dreamless sleep and wakes up in another place faroff without any recollection of previous experiences. This also takes place if he sustains a mortal wound.

    The reason for this unknown to both others and himself is because there're 2 entities sealed within him. One of light and one of darkness with exactly equal power and after a endless war with eachother's side the Angels and Demons decided to stop it by sealing the 2 together. With their power perfectly balanced they'd hold eachother sealed withing a physical body. And the tremendous powers canceled eachother out.

    Therefore the seal put in place directly effects him by halting the aging process and by reviving him from any fatal wounds received, at the cost of his current memories. To avoid him or anyone else from realizing him as something truly abnormal or for him to become aware of his own inate differences from everyone else.

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