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    The Legend of Hyrule

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    The Legend of Hyrule Empty The Legend of Hyrule

    Post by Amord on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:52 am

    Our land of Hyrule recognizes this Prophecy. A trinity of a Hero, a Princess, and a King of Evil. These events are held to be true, and we so hold a prediction of events to come.

    The Timeline:
    The earliest events that we can recall are of a land in the sky. Of a Goddess that granted sword to a Hero, so that he may save a girl of great importance. In his journey, he mastered the use of such a blade, and unlocked it's true potential. Then, he defeated a great evil.

    This evil refused to be destroyed. Vowing vengeance upon the Hero, and the girl...
    The Evil God, Vaati is born. A child is chosen to become a Hero, and as such they are given green garb for their journey. As well as sword and shield. During his journey, he restores the Four Sword to power, and defeats the Evil God. He also gained a signature green cap...
    A shadowy self of the Hero appears, causing the release of Vaati. The Princess and the Shrine Maidens are spread out across the lands and sealed. The Hero claims the Four Sword and is thus split into four copies.

    These Heroes battle thousands of evil minions, including shadow doppelgangers. And come to learn that the force manipulating all of this is known as Ganon, King of Evil. However this also marks his first defeat. Peace is restored to Hyrule, and the Four Sword is returned to it's pedestal...
    One hundred years passed since the events of the Four Sword... Another male Gerudo is born, under the name of Ganondorf. This marks the appearance of the Hero of Time. Upon claiming the Master Sword and rescuing the Sages, the Hero of Time was able to defeat Ganondorf. With the deed done, the Hero of Time returns the Master Sword to it's rightful resting place. Ganondorf is executed for his treason.
    The Hero of Time leaves on a personal journey in order to find a close friend. This journey takes him to Termina, where he prevents it's total destruction in just three days.
    Another one hundred years pass... Ganondorf is said to appear, as is the Hero. But Hyrule seems to be at a loss; the Realm of Light and the Realm of Shadow are thrown into chaos. The Princess tries to keep order.

    The Hero has yet to appear.
    The Legend Begins.

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    The Legend of Hyrule Rumiafinalsig

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