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    Legend of Zelda Challenges! Or maybe, game challenges in general?

    Ruby ❤
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    Legend of Zelda Challenges! Or maybe, game challenges in general?

    Post by Ruby ❤ on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:08 am

    We all know about that fancy-schmancy three-heart challenge, I'm sure.. But, Zelda's community has really gone outta there way to add some serious replay value to some of these games. Especially for those who enjoy extreme difficulties. Prime examples of extremely difficult challenges would be Majora's Mask 3 day challenge (which is completely possible if you've planned your route) and Ocarina of Time's uber challenge (I've yet to try this because it seems.. tedious )

    This thread is going to be here for those that have come up with their own personal challenges, and whether they have beaten them themself or not. It can also be here for those who choose to do a runthrough of one of these challenges, be it one of the super hard ones or one of the more mild in comparison ones.

    To kick it off, I've got a mild one and a completely ridiculous sounding one. I mean, it may not sound so ridiculous if you've never played Ocarina of Time, but it won't be long after you've started playing where you figure out just why it's so tedious.

    I'll start with the challenging one:
    Simply put, beat the game using only child Link. This is completely possible, but for those who don't know Zelda glitches very well, you may wanna do a quick google search as I'm sure some of the more famous ones can help you out.

    Speaking of glitches, there is one you CANNOT use to beat the game. And that is rom-warping. The process of rom-warping, without going too much into detail, allows for one to teleport from Gohma's boss room to one of the final rooms in the game. It's through this glitch that speed run world records have been broken, but for the sake of this challenge it and other glitches of a similar nature are to be banned.

    One's I encourage the use of include bomb/bomb-chu hovering and the infinite sword glitch. There are more out there that can be used to aid you in your quest, but please for the love of god, no romwarping.

    Now for the more mild one..:
    Beat the game without the use of a sword. That's pretty much it. You may have to make use of the infinite sword glitch via a deku stick to beat some bosses, but aside from that you should be fiiiiiinnee..

    One major exception to the challenge rule is Ganon when he's ready to be finished off. When he's on the ground ready to be killed, you cannot finish him unless you use a sword strike.

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    Re: Legend of Zelda Challenges! Or maybe, game challenges in general?

    Post by Raymu on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:24 am

    Very interesting challenge, one I may have to try. The child link one I mean.


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