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    For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

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    For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:17 pm

    Zygarde -Pokedex- It is said "when the Kalos region's ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power." "It's hypothesized that it's monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives."

    Similar to Little Mac Zygarde is primarily a ground fighter, his attacks are powerful but in the air he's really lacking. Both in range and knockback. Also he's freaking heavy... Since he's such a heavy powerhouse character he'd have high priority (tank weaker attacks) with most of his attacks. Meaning it'd be best to dodge his attacks rather then attempt to counter/block.

    Attack: 8.5/10
    Attack Spd: 5.5/10
    Movement Spd: 4.5/10
    Height: 8/10 (Just abit taller then Ganondorf)
    Weight: 8.5/10 (Heavy)

    -Standard Attacks- Zygarde's fist glow green and leave a after glow during/after attacks. (purely aesthetic) also he's made of many independent "cells" that can split off and return, meaning they can break off in many attacks and return at will.

    Neutral Attack: Zygarde delivers a 3 hit combo with 2 punches then releases a quick burst of nature energy that knocks opponents away.

    Side Tilt: Zygarde takes a step forward then backhands his opponent. Cells break of in a wave of green nature energy.

    Up Tilt: Zygarde punches both hands up. It causes a small pillar like wave of energy straight up.

    Down Tilt: Zygarde swings both his hands together in a downward swing. It causes small waves across the ground surrounding him.

    Dash Attack: Zygarde rushes forward then stomps forward. After traveling a few feet a after image breaks of and continues forward a few more feet.

    -Smash Attacks-

    Side Smash: Frustration- A unique smash where the dmg% is based on Zygarde's dmg%. It starts at 15% dmg and deals a additional 1% for every 5% dmg you have. Max dmg% is 45%

    Up Smash: Stone Edge- Zygarde creates multiple stone spikes from the ground that send opponents flying up. Its hitbox is similar to Megaman's v.Smash only larger. It deals upto 36% dm.

    Down Smash: Bulldoze- Zygarde rams his opponent into the ground "burying" them, or it'll meteor smash opponents on ledges. It deals 24% dmg.

    -Air Attacks- His cells fly around himself like a green whirlwind. (just mentally add the effect to the airs)

    Neutral Air: Zygarde is surrounded by a green aura that damages nearby opponents.

    Forward Air: Zygarde swings his arms downward like hammers.

    Back Air: Swings his around with a strong backhanded swing.

    Up Air: Zygarde swings his arms around upwards.

    Down Air: Zygarde stomps downward meteor smashing his opponents.


    Pummel: Zygarde punches his opponent with his empty hand.

    Forward Throw: Zygarde's chest glows then releases a burst of energy.

    Back Throw: Zygarde throws his opponent over the back of his head then swings around kicks his opponent back.

    Up Throw: Zygarde uppercuts his opponent.

    Down Throw: Zygarde stomps on his opponent.


    Neutral Special: Thousand Arrow/Wave- This attack changes depends on whether Zygarde's on the ground or in the air. In the air he gathers a large amount of nature energy then fires a stream of energy arrows that drag opponents downwards while dealing upto 24% dmg. It also slows his decent as he charges.
    On the ground he radiates nature before burrowing into the ground and quickly travels forward, thenburst up out of the ground sending opponents flying up and dealing 33% dmg

    Side Special: Focus Blast- Zygarde gathers a huge amount of raw energy before sending it out in a powerful energy sphere. It deals heavy knockback and upto 40% dmg. But the charge can not be held like Samus's charge beam.

    Up Special: Sandstorm- Zygarde is surrounded in a sandy tornado that carries him upwards while dealing low continuious dmg (upto 16%) on contact.

    Down Special: Land's Wrath- Zygarde creates a powerful shockwave that travels about 4ft. along the ground and it stuns opponents based on their current dmg%. Every 35%=1.5 seconds that they stay stunned. It deals 22% dmg.

    Final Smash: 10,000 Arrows/Waves- Once again the attack changes depending on Zygarde's location. In the air, Zygarde fires a massive stream of energy arrows that drag opponents down towards their doom, while dealing upto 48% dmg. And it's aimable.
    And on the Ground Zygarde gathers a massive amount of nature energy before burrowing into the ground. Unlike his 1,000 Waves, he can control exactly where he burst from. However once he enters a platform he can Not move to others or exit with attacking. It deals 60% dmg, and has a huge knockback. (note, this pillar is roughly 3.5 times larger then 1,000 Waves)


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:08 pm Robobot Kirby Rides into Battle!
    He'd fight with super heavy versions of his copy abilities usable when in his mech's copy abilities That said he's a heavyweight character and to fight in his mech comes at the price of his extra air jumps, and his unique copy abilities taken from other fighters.

    AtkStr: 8/10
    AtkSpd: 6/10
    MovSpd: 6/10
    Height: 6/10

    -Standard Attacks-

    Neutral Attack: A 1,2 punch combo that ends with Robobot Kirby using his flame thrower power to light deal continuous dmg (Think fire flower item).

    Side Tilt: He uses his screwdriver in a spinning punch that deals a few weak hits.

    Up Tilt: He fires a (smallish) buzzsaw like a boomerang obove himself.

    Down Tilt: He drops a small walking bomb that can also move on walls and ceilings before detonating.

    Dash Attack: He dashes forward a few feet while using his flames to propel himself forward. It leaves a trail of flames for a short while.

    -Smash Attacks-

    Side Smash: Stone Smasher- Robobot Kirby's fist becomes incased in stone growing 3x its normal side before he delivers a mighty punch. It deals 22% dmg and has the highest knockback out of Robobot Kirby's smashes.

    Up Smash: Psi Storm- Robobot Kirby Holds up a sphere of psychic energy and charges them up. They have 3 stages of charges, being a small pair of spheres that fly straight up before exploding, larger spheres, and fully even larger spheres at full power. They deal 8%, 18%, and 28% dmg respectively.

    Down Smash: Buzzsaw Breaker- Both of Robobot Kirby's fist transform into large buzzsaws, then he slams them down. They deal several weaker hits before knocking opponents away. It deals upto 32% dmg, but has the least knockback out of his smashes.

    -Air Attacks-

    Neutral Air: He generates small spheres of Psi energy that orbit him briefly.

    Forward Air: He fires a sonic wave from his speakers, which also pushes him backwards abit.

    Back Air: He drop kicks his opponent (think Bowser's B.Air)

    Up Air: He uses his propeller arms to hit opponents above himself and also slows his decent noticeably.

    Down Air: He pulls in his arms and legs to do a free falling attack.


    Hold: Similar to DK's grab Robobot Kirby can carry opponents with him. The higher their dmg% the longer he can hold them. Plus lightweight opponents have a somewhat harder time escaping.

    Pummel: He punches his opponent with his empty hand.

    Forward Throw: He punches his opponent away.

    Back Throw: He quickly spins in place then sends his opponent flying.

    Up Throw: He uppercuts his opponent.

    Down Throw: He piledrives his opponent.


    Neutral Special: High Boltage- Robobot Kirby can fire various charged electric shots depending on how long he charges the attack. small bolts of electricity forward 6.ft, he can also charge quickly to fire larger bolts that travel 12.ft, and at full power he fires a stream of electricity that travels upto 9.ft ahead. uncharged deals 7% per hit, mid charged deals 14% and fully charged deals 28% dmg.

    Side Special: Fridged Dash- Robobot Kirby dashes several feet forward while spinning in a small blizzard attack. It deals multiple hits and upto 18% dmg and leaves a temporary trail of ice spikes that deal 6% dmg (they remain for 2 seconds). Both can freeze opponents, and the higher their dmg% the longer they remain frozen.

    Up Special: Star Crasher- Robobot Kirby grabs ahold of a star (like in Triple Deluxe/Planet Robobot) and is carried 7ft in the direction you aim, it explodes (without damaging Robobot Kirby) and knocks opponents away while dealing 16% dmg.

    Down Special: Blade Blitz- On the ground, Robobot Kirby transforms both of his arms into energy blades before delivering a cyclone spinning attack that deals several hits before sending his opponents flying. It also deals upto 22% dmg. (when charged)
    In the air Robobot Kirby still uses his beam swords but, he turns upside down and does a swift free fall spinning attack that drags opponents down with him. It deals 16-28% dmg. (depending on how high above the ground/how long it takes to reach it)

    Final Smash: Hyper Halberd- Robobot Kirby unleashes a burst of pink energy knocking all opponents within a 7.ft radius into a interactive cutscene where Robobot Kirby combines with the Halberd and begins firing his small cannon at his opponents dealing dmg as he charges his star cannon. He can do about 30% dmg to opponents before firing his star cannon which deals a extra 26% dmg. With your opponents floating through space as you shoot at them, they can control the direction they move as you attack, meaning you have to aim at moving targets.


    Entry: The robobot armor arives just before Kirby rides a warpstar in and jumps into it ready for a fight.

    Up Taunt: Robobot Kirby raises both arms and waves while shouting "HII!"

    Side Taunt: Robobot Kirby strikes a intimidating (or at least he tries to be intimidating) pose.

    Down Taunt: Robobot Kirby hops in place yelling "Poyopoyo" again trying to be intimidating.

    Win1: Robobot Kirby celebrates with a slice of shortcake.

    Win2: Robobot Kirby waves both hands in victory.

    Win3: Kirby crosses his arms and gives his best tough guy look (American Boxart look).

    Lose: Robobot Kirby claps for the winner... Not very happily though...

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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:11 pm
    Crono fights with his sword and various "techniques" using his own for his smashes and various elemental 2 person techniques with various members of his party.

    Atk Pwr: 7/10
    Atk Spd:8/10
    Mov Spd:7.5/10

    -Standard Attacks-

    Neutral Attack: Crono does a 3 hit combo before a quick upward slash.

    Side Tilt: Crono stabs forward in one quick motion.

    Up Tilt:Crono does a wide vertical slash above his head.

    Down Tilt: Crono does a low sweeping slash.

    Dash Attack: Crono runs forward then begins a spinning slash that ends with a upward swing.

    -Smash Attacks-

    Side Smash: Frenzy- Crono does a swift 4 hit slash attack with the last hit having a slight delay before sending opponents flying. It deals upto 20% dmg. (5% per hit)

    Up Smash: Lightning 2- Crono raises his sword up then generates a large amount of electricity dealing several weak hits before sending opponents skyward. It deals upto 18% dmg.

    Down Smash: Luminair- Crono gathers raw energy into a small sphere he holds before it reaches critical mass and detonates causing a vibrant explosion that surrounds himself. It deals 1 hit and 22% dmg.

    -Air Attacks-

    Neutral Air: Crono swings his sword around in a horizontal spin attack.

    Forward Air: Crono does a small air dash then a vertical spin attack.

    Back Air: Crono turns around with a swift slash.

    Up Air: Crono does a quick upwards slash.

    Down Air: Crono does a free falling stab attack.


    Pummel: Crono releases small burst of electricity to damage his opponents.

    Forward Throw: Crono releases a stronger burst of electricity to knock his opponent away.

    Back Throw: Crono throws his opponent over his shoulder before firing a quick shot of electricity.

    Up Throw: Crono slashes his opponent sending them upwards.

    Down Throw: Crono slams nis opponent on the ground.

    -Specials- Crono uses Double Techs involving his party members.

    Neutral Special: Fire Whirl- Luca appears beside Crono, he then prepares a spin attack similar to Link's on the ground, except it sword is enveloped with strong flames and has pretty good horizontal movement (upto 4ft either direction). It can be charged and deals upto 20% dmg. Decent knockback.

    Side Special: Sword Stream-Frog appears beside Crono and creates a large water bubble. It moves forward pretty quickly and captures opponents inside it for a brief time. Chrono then fallows up with a lunging slash that also causes the bubble to explode dealing upto 16% dmg. Decent knockback

    Up Special: Ice Sword 1,2- Marle Appears beside Crono just before he leaps into the air. She sends a blast of ice magic that covers his sword, allowing him to unleash a arctic cold slash downwards that freezes opponents caught in the attack. It can be fallowed with a strong second slash by pressing B again. The second slash shatters the ice and sends opponents flying and deals 18% dmg. (8 1st hit and 10 on the 2nd)

    Down Special: Megavolt- Robo appears ahead of Crono then both combine their large amounts of electricity forming a pyramid shaped mass of energy. It has the properties of a grab, holding opponents trapped (the more dmg% they have the longer it holds them in place) by holding v.B. it takes 3 seconds to reach its critical mass and explode sending his opponents flying far. It deals 5% dmg per second, and holds even the most struggling of opponents for 1 second for every 25% dmg they currently have. The blast itself deals 17% dmg and has a very high chance of k.o'ing opponents.

    -Final Smash-
    Triple Tech Triad- Crono and co. use a 3 Triple Techs in a row.
    First is Twister- Crono, Robo, and Ayla form a "totem" by standing on eachothers shoulders, and spin rapidly creating a tornado to trap nearby opponents sendingthem to the center of the next attack.
    Delta Storm- Then Crono, Lucca, and Frog jump to the center and using all their elemental power to form a energy pyramid trapping their opponents while dealing damage.
    Arc Impulse- Marle creates a powerful ice spell then pours the magic into Crono and Frog's swords before they finish the attack with a fridged cross slash that shatters the Delta Storm sending opponents flying. It deals 56% dmg total and sends opponents flying far.


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:19 pm
    Bomberman's gimmick is he can change the properties of his special attacks via v.B (I'll get indepth on that later though).A drawback to balance him while keeping true to the source material is thatwhen caught in his own blast, he will take damage. 1/2 the amount his attack does to opponents, but the blast only make him flinch rather then sending him flying.



    -Weak combo, Tilts, and Dash.

    .A- He punches once.

    AAA- a quick punch fallowed by a flurry of light kicks.

    ^.A- He jumps 4.ft into the air with his fist up in a almost taunting attack.

    >.A- He does a stronger spinning kick forward.

    v.A- He does a low sweeping kick that hits on both sides.

    Dash Atk- He runs forward holding a small bomb, then he trips over something sending the bomb flying about 3.ft head. It blows up on contact or if hit in the air.


    N.Air- He does a aerial cartwheel attack.

    ^.Air- He does a short spinning uppercut. (He gains no extra height)

    >.Air- He does a headbutt forward.

    <.Air- He does a backwards spinning kick.

    v.Air- He does a free-falling bodyslam.

    Bomberman can frab from a distance with his trusty Whip (Bomberman GB). It works like the hookshot and grapplebeam.

    >.Throw- He flips his opponent forward, bouncing them off of the ground and fallows it with a small bomb.

    ^.Throw- He uppercuts his opponent sending them straight up.

    v.Throw- He knocks his opponent down, then places a small bomb before taking cover quickly.

    <.Throw- He does a spinning throw backwards similar to Mario's.


    >.Smash: Bomb Kick- Bomberman kicks medium sized bomb forward. It has a range of upto 7.ft and briefly stuns opponents, and it will detonate 1.5.sec after it stops moving or if attacked. It deals 16% dmg.

    v.Smash: Old-Timer Bomb- Bomberman drops a medium sized timebomb that can be remotely detonated. When detonated, it will create streams of fire on both sides and straight up (Like the old-school bombs). It has the unique property of growing stronger the longer it's on the stage. It's dmg% ranges from 7-28% dmg, and its blast radius ranges from 2-8.ft.

    ^.Smash: Bomb Rain- Bomberman twirls a small bomb in his hand as he prepares to toss it upwards. While the bomb's small and does only 6% dmg, the longer charges the more bombs he tosses. He can toss upto 4 at once.

    -Specials- While I wall categorize the bombs as small, medium, and large, the power they have varies from attack to attack.

    B: Charge Bomb- Bomberman creates a small bomb and holds it above his head. You can tap B to throw it, or hold B to charge up and make the bomb larger and more dangerous. Uncharged it's just abit smaller then his head, partially charged it's slightly bigger then his head, and fully charged it's 3/4 his size. The dmg% and blast radius is uncharged 9% (2.ft), 18% (64.t), and 27% (6.ft). It takes the bomb 1.5 seconds to detonate from the time Bomberman releases it or it witt detonate if hit by a attack.

    >.B: Jetter Dash- Bomberman swiftly dashes forward (Think Fox Phantasm) about 8.ft and leaves behind multiple (4) each 2.ft apart small bombs in his his wake. Each bomb deals 6% dmg. Although the average fighter would only get hit by 2 since the bombs are each spaced out by a couple of feet.

    ^.B: Bomb Jump- Bomberman creates a medium sized bomb then jumps off of it like a make shift platform. If the bomb hits a opponent in the air, it counts a a (footstool) and interferes with their attempted recovery. Also it deals 9% dmg when it detonates.

    v.B Bomb Element- Bomberman has some of the Bomb Element Crystals with him. Each crystal alters the properties of his bombs used in his specials. Next to Bomberman's dmg% will be a box with a symbol on it. It will show the element currently equiped (Think Shulk's Manado).
    Fire- Normal bombs.
    Wind- Deals no damage, but pushes opponents farther and is Very useful against recovering opponents since it affects them like the gust bellows or Mario's F.L.U.D. (meaning it doesn't count as a attack and pushes them away)
    Lightning-Creates a pillar of electricity. It deals 1 hit and really is just meant for vertical radius, which is good for opponents on higher platforms or ones jumping around.
    Light- Deals no damage, but it slows time for those caught in the blast. Kinda like Witch-time including the dmg% directly effecting the duration that they're slowed for. However they move at 1.3x the speed of witch-time. (To keep it from being broken)
    Gravity- Creates a small blackhole that deals continuous damage, and sucks in small projectiles. (large gravity bombs can suck in larger projectiles. They deal 1.3x as much damage but no knockback.

    -Final Smash- Max Blast Bomb- Bombermancreates a large bomb (2x his size) and Max joins in creating his signature "Hyper Bomb" combining their powers results in a large scale explosion (1/2 the length of Final Destination) the blast has a cool prismatic aesthetic around the outer edges.


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:07 pm

    Dark Samus Is the last boss you fight in all 3 Metroid Prime's. And is Metroid Prime itself, having stolen Samus's Phazon armor and gone through numerous mutations. She'd use her MP:3 design as default but her MP:2 design as a alts similar to Bayonetta, Cloud, and Wario having multiple designs.

    Description While she shares a similar build to Samus she is extremely different in alot of ways. She hovers when moving and she's faster then Samus. However she is somewhat easier to knock around but she makes up for that with high attack power her relentlessness.

    Her special ability/gimmick is "Hyper Mode". Whenever Dark Samus' dmg% is at a dangerous level (120% or higher) she'll enter hyper mode. In this state all of her stats go up noticeably. It's similar to Lucario's ability, except instead of gradually growing, she'll go all out once she's in danger. Essentially she's a glass cannon type fighter. And to match her feral combat style, once backed into a corner she'll be at her most dangerous.

    In Hyper Mode her body radiates a blue aura and 2 small energy spheres will hover around her shoulders.

    -Stats-  Hyper Mode
    AtkPwr: 7/10 HM 8.5/10
    AtkSpd: 6.5/10 HM 7.5/10
    MovSpd: 6.5/10 HM 8/10
    Height: Same as Samus.
    Weight: 5.5/10

    -Combo, Tilt, dash, and aerial attacks-
    Quick note. All of her attacks cause the part she's attacking to glow blue, and briefly leave trails of phazon particles. (purely aesthetic)

    AAA- DS swings her claw like hand. Then her gun arm, then ends the combo with a small burst of phazon energy.

    >.Tilt- DS jumps forward a couple of feet while swinging her gun arm.

    ^.Tilt- DS fires a small wave of shrapnel like phazon bullets upwards.

    v.Tilt- DS swings her gun arm straight down.

    <.Tilt- DS does a quick spinning kick aimed behind herself.

    Dash- DS runs forward and rams into opponents shoulder first.

    N.Air- DS surrounds herself with a small cyclone of shrapnel bullets.

    ^.Air- DS aims her gun arm up and fires a burst of phazon energy. (it pushes her downwards faster)

    >.Air- DS does a brief air dash and rams opponents.

    v.Air- DS dive kicks opponents from above.


    ^.Smash Phazon Cyclone- DS creates a whirlwind of phazon energy that travels upto 7.ft high and deals 16% dmg, when normal and 26% in Hyper Mode.

    >.Smash Phazon Rush- DS gathers a large amount of phazon that completely surrounds herself before swiftly dashing forward. It's similar to her dash attack but it causes a explosive blast that deals 18% dmg when normal, and 28% in Hyper Mode.

    v.Smash Phazite Pillar- DS creates a pointed pillar of crystalized phazon above her head before slamming it down about 3.ft ahead. It deals 22% dmg when normal, and 32% in Hyper Mode. It  also meteor smashes opponents.

    -Specials- While the Smashes increase in dmg dealt by 10%. Some specials changes are more pronounced. Like her N.Special.

    N.Special Phazon Beam/Hyper Missile- DS gathers a large amount energy into a single powerful shot. It takes 4.sec to fully charge. She can hold a partially charged shot, but once fully charged she has to fire it. Uncharged deals 7%, half charged deals 14%, and fully charged deals 28%. However in Hyper Mode the uncharged shot deals 10%, half deals 20%, and fully charged will fire a Hyper Missile instead of a normal energy shot and deals 40% dmg. The Hyper Missile has a small delay between reaching a full charge and firing meaning it is harder to land if your opponent is careful.

    ^.Special Rising Stream- DS surrounds herself in phazon energy before launching straight up into the air. After going 6.ft she'll release the energy in a explosion. It deals upto 14% dmg normal and 24% in Hyper Mode.

    >.Special Phazon Boost Ball/ Hyper Ball- DS transforms into a morph ball and gathers energy (you charge this attack) before she launches herself forward. You can not change her direction once you release her, But during the attack by pressing B she'll come to a explosive stop. (she ricochets off of walls though) The rolling part deals 7% dmg in normal and 17% in Hyper Mode. While the burst stop deals 15% dmg normal and 30% in Hyper Mode. In Hyper Mode the aesthetics change slightly, with the morph ball being completely engulfed in Phazon.

    v.Special Phazon Crash/ Hyper Crash- DS jumps about 6.ft into the air and gathers a large amount of phazon before she slams down creating a explosion. The trajectory can be changed some, but it is always a downward attack. It deals 20% dmg normally and 35% in Hyper Mode, plus in Hyper Mode it creates a shockwave that travels across the ground (6.ft) and deals 9% dmg.

    -Final Smash-

    Phazon Critical Overload- DS gathers so much phazon energy that it mutates her entire body into pure phazon. Once changed she'll jump to the middle of the screen and rgenerate a huge sphere of raw phazon energy (about 9.ft around). Once in this state by pressing A and holding it she'll release large waves of phazon shrapnel bullets that home in on opponents dealing weak but continuous dmg that can add up. By pressing B she'll fire larger shots of phazon that deal 11% dmg if the hit and they can be shot at any angle via analog stick (good for hitting a single opponent before going after another), Or she can charge up a powerful streams (best for 1v1) that deal upto 22% dmg and more knockback. During the 15.sec duration of this attack, DS can fire 6 condensed shots or 3 streams. Shrapnel shots and shots can't pass through platforms from above, but streams can pierce through all but the thick platforms that nobody can pass through.


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:45 pm

    -Linkle- Is a speedy character who fights with both explosive arrows from her trusty dual crossbows and swift kicks from her magically enhanced boots.
    Linkle has a magic gauge that fills up based on her damage given and received similar to Cloud, except she can't directly charge it. Once charged all of her stats receive a boost, which last for 9.sec or it can be consumed by using upto 3 powered up specials. (1 special = 3 seconds worth of meter) Her dmg% goes up to 1.4x, knockback goes up to 1.2x, and her overall speed goes up to 1.3x.


    -Combo, tilts, dash, and aerial attacks-

    AAA- Linkle deals several swift kicks before firing a pair of (small) bomb arrows forward.

    F.A- Linkle deals a single electric kick forward.

    U.A- Linkle grabs a cucoo and it lifts her up a couple of feet as she does high kick.

    D.A- Linkle deals a sweeping low kick that can trip opponents.

    Dash- Linkle runs forward then does a leaping dropkick.


    N.Air- Linkle deals a singe electric axe kick that knocks opponents downwards.

    F.Air- Linkle deals a flurry of weak electric kicks.

    U.Air- Linkle deals a single rising electric roundhouse kick

    D.Air- Linkle deals a dive bomb kick that can spike opponents down. But if she misses over a pit...

    B.Air- Linkle deals a single strong electric kick behind herself.


    A basic grab animation.

    Pummel-Linkle kicks her opponent.

    ^.Throw- Linkle tosses her opponent up, then fires several normal arrows at them.

    >.Throw- Linkle releases her opponent... Then kicks them hard.

    v.Throw- Linkle releases her opponent... Then a pair of cuckoos appear and attack knocking down a opponent before she kicks her opponent away.

    <.Throw- Linkle does a spinning throw, then waves (innosently) as they fly behind her.


    >.Smash- Linkle runs in place as she prepares for a powerful electric kick. before the kick she'll run forward upto 4.ft (she stops earlier if she collides into a opponent.

    ^.Smash- Linkle fires several weak arrows up to catch opponents before she fires a pair of larger bomb arrows.

    v.Smash- Linkle places a large  bomb and drops it on the ground before she does a high backflip out of its blast radius. And mid jump, she'll fire a single shot to detonate it.


    N.B Bomb Barrage- Linkle can charge (and hold said charge) her energy and fires multiple bomb arrows. She gets 2 shots for every second she charges (max amount is 3.sec). If you press B again while charged she'll go into "targeting mode" and fire her bomb arrows in any direction you aim with the analog stick repeatedly until she runs out. Note each bomb arrow is rather weak on its own, but altogether they can rack-up damage%. Also once in target mode, if sne cancels out partway through the attack, she'll lose what shots she has left from her current charge.

    >.B Rushing Roundhouse- Linkle dashes forward several feet (about 7.ft) before doing a spinning kick that catches opponents and deals multiple weaker hits.

    ^.B Double Spin- Linkle does a climbing spin-kick (about 7.ft) that deals electric damage then fallows up with a horizontal moving spin attack with her crossbows out which deals fire damage (4.ft left or right)

    v.B Thunder Axe Kick- Linkle can charge up, before delivering a falling axe kick with enough force to a explosive burst of electricity. One of her attacks with the highest knockback.

    -Final Smash-
    Golden Cuckoo Rush Down: First several golden cuckoos appear directly in front of her and try to catch her opponents in a flurry of pecks and claw swipes. If the attack lands Linkle charges as the attack continues before unleashing a single full power axe kick that causes a high voltage explosion. The explosion is about 8ft wide and 14ft tall.

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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Thu May 18, 2017 7:14 pm

    -Bass (Classic)-

    Bass fights primarily with ranged attacks, rarely relying on close combat.

    Attack Power: 6.5
    Attack Speed: 7.5 Good for a ranged attacker with decent power.
    Walk Speed: 5.5 Average.
    Run Speed: 7 Slightly faster then Megaman's
    Height: 5.5 Average.
    Weight: 5.5 Average.


    Jab: Bass fires stronger shot (Roughly the same knockback as Falco's Blaster) fallowed by a volley of weaker ones that do no knockback (like Fox's Blaster). It deals 3% first, then continuous 1% dmg shots.
    >.Tilt: Bass fires a thin laser that bounces off of angled surfaces. It bounces upto 3 times unless it hits an opponent. It deals 6% dmg. Only 2 can be on screen at once.
    ^.Tilt: Bass fires a boomerang projectile forward. It travels 5ft and deals 4% dmg per hit. Only 1 boomerang can be out at a time.
    v.Tilt: Bass fires a small mass of junk forward (about 4ft) that breaks apart on impact. It deals 8% dmg.
    Dash: Bass dashes forward headfirst propelled by his rocket feet and rams his opponent. It deals 9% dmg.

    N.Air: Bass surrounds himself with a junk shield that damages nearby opponents. It deals upto 7% with multiple hits.
    >.Air: Bass dashes forward surrounded by flames. It deals 8% dmg.
    ^.Air: Bass throws a boomerang like propeller up. It travels 5ft before returning. It deals 4% dmg per hit.
    v.Air: Bass fires a ice spike down that freezes his opponent. It travels until it hits something and it deals 7% dmg.
    <.Air: Bass fires a magnetic homing bomb behind himself. It can change its trajectory up or down to try and hit opponents behind him. It deals 8% dmg.

    Grab: Bass Grabs his opponent in a choke hold.
    Pummel: Bass knees his opponent. It deals 2% dmg.
    >.Throw: Bass does a basic forward throw. It deals 6% dmg.
    ^.Throw: Bass throws his opponent up and shoots them once with a weaker shot. It deals 7% dmg.
    v.Throw: Bass slams his opponent down hard. It deals 8% dmg.
    <.Throw: Bass throws his opponent back over his shoulder. It deals 6% dmg.


    >.Smash- Napalm Bomb: Bass a bomb forward. It will bounce on the ground upto 2 times before detonating, if it doesn't hit an opponent. It detonates on contact with an opponent or another attack. It deals upto 17% dmg, high knockback, and has a blast radius of 2.5-3.5ft depending on charge time.

    ^.Smash- Super Arm: Bass tears a boulder from the ground, then throws it up at an angle. It travels 5ft on even terrain before it hits the ground. It deals upto 15% dmg, and meteor smashes opponents in the air if it lands directly on their heads.

    v.Smash- Atomic Fire: Bass shoots a fireball that travels across the ground.It travels upto 6ft, or until it hits an opponent before erupting into a pillar of fire that launches opponents upwards. It deals upto 16% dmg and pretty high knockback.


    N.B- Bass Buster Charge: Bass Fires chargable Green buster shots with a wicked skull shaped imprint. It's weakest form is the size of Wolf's laser and deals 6% dmg.
    At half charged It's size of Lucario's Aura Sphere(when at 0% dmg) and deals 12% dmg and the skull is more prominent.
    at full Power it's slightly bigger then Samus's Charge Shot and deals 24% dmg. At this point the shot is evil looking.

    >.B- Tengu Blade Dash: Bass dashes forward surrounded by wind with a bladed arm. Makes a good recovery move and once Bass stops a whirlwind like attack continues moving forward. Mid and long ranged the direct attack deals 14% dmg while the whirlwind deals 7% the whirlwind doesn't appear if the first attack hits an opponent.

    ^.B- Trebble Boost: Bass's canine companion Trebble combines with him temporarily giving him the ability to fly. Works like Pit's Power of Flight (In Brawl) except it is faster, doesn't last as long, and by pressing A he can fire 3 pellet shots in a downward scattershot.

    v.B-Ice Wall: Bass creates an ice column that works as a shield. It can take upto 18% dmg before breaking, but only 9% if it's a fire based attack. It breaks faster when damaged. Creating an Ice Wall above or in the same position of an enemy will make the column hit the opponent freezing them and dealing 14% dmg. The time they stay frozen depends on their dmg.

    -Final Smash-
    Final Smash-Evil Energy Super Trebble Boost- A longer and much more powerful form of the Trebble Boost. In it Bass stays transformed a whole 12 seconds he can fly indefinitely during it and his B attacks are replaced powerful new attacks.

    .B-Dark Comet Blast- Bass surrounds himself with a powerful explosive blast of dark energy that sends foes flying. It can also reflect projectiles and deals 16% dmg.

    Up.B-Dark Comet Storm- Bass fires a larger then usual charge shot up it splits into 6 smaller shots that come down 2 on each side of him each about 3 feet apart and each shot deals 5% dmg, and the full shot that travels up deals 15% dmg.

    Rht.B-Max Charged Bass Buster- remapped to his Rht.B Bass fires full powered shots without charging them. They however have a 2 second cooldown time so you should use other attacks in between shots. deals 20% dmg per shot.

    Dwn.B-Dark Laser Stream- Bass jumps into the air (if not already there) and fires a steady beam of energy straight down. When using this he can only move left or right. It deals 4% continuous dmg for 3 seconds straight and pushes his opponent down pretty quickly making it dangerous over a pit.


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

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    Rayman is a fast moving ranged melee fighter. His basic attacks mostly consist of punches and kicks that all have a surprising amount of range, but his smashes and specials use his partner Murfy and environmental hazards from his game Rayman Legends.

    Attack Speed: 8
    Walk Speed: 6
    Run Speed: 7.5
    Height: 5.5
    Weight: 5.5

    -Basic Attacks-

    Jab: Rayman does a basic 3 punch combo. It deals 2, 2, and 3% dmg and it has a 3ft range.

    F.Tilt: Rayman quickly winds up before doing punching forward. It has a 4.5ft range and deals 6% dmg.

    U.Tilt: Rayman jumps up slightly while punching upwards. It has a 3ft range and deals 5% dmg.

    D.Tilt: Rayman spins in place with his feet out to trip his opponents. It has a 2ft range on both sides, and deals 5% dmg.

    Dash: Rayman runs forward and spins his arms around himself rapidly. He travels 5ft and deals upto 8% dmg.

    N.Air: Rayman spins his arms and feet around himself like a pair of propelers. It deals upto 6% dmg and has a 2ft range on both sides of himself.

    F.Air: Rayman propels himself forward as if swimming through the air and headbutts his opponents. He travels 3ft (good for recovering abit) and it deals 5% dmg.

    U.Air: Rayman does a kind of mini jump that ends with a upwards kick. It has a 3ft range and deals 6% dmg.

    D.Air: Rayman does a free falling stomp attack that deals 8% dmg and meteor smashes opponents. However he can't stop mid attack, so be careful.

    B.Air: Rayman kicks behind himself with both feet simultaneously. It has a 3.5ft range and deals 7% dmg.

    Grab: Rayman throws his arm forward to grab his opponent. It has a 4ft range.

    Pummel: Murfy hits his opponent dealing 2% dmg.

    F.Throw: Rayman does a wind up then punch with his other arm. It knocks his opponent forward. It deals 6% dmg

    U.Throw: Rayman holds up his opponent before doing a high kick to knock them upwards dealing 7% dmg.

    D.Throw: Rayman uses both hands to slam his opponent onto the ground launching them upwards. It deals 8% dmg.

    B.Throw: Rayman does a spinning throw that launches his opponent behind himself, similar to Mario's. It deals 8% dmg.


    F.Smash: Several flaming birds appear surrounding Rayman dealing damage to opponents before Murfy burst them by hitting their eyes. The birds deal 2% dmg and upto 3 hits, and them bursting deals 7% dmg.

    U.Smash: A large luchador jumps out from the background suddenly and slams into the ground just ahead of Rayman. It deals 14% dmg, and meteor smashes opponents in the air.

    D.Smash: A cluster grunt enemies pop up infront of Rayman seemingly from nowhere obnoxiously yelling "Bam bam bam" like in the music level Castle Rock. They all have large spike covered shields and clubs. They deal 15% dmg and launch opponents upwards.


    N.Special- A Touch of Murfy: Murfy appears ahead of Rayman and rapidly taps opponents tickling them, leaving them open for just a couple seconds. It has a 4ft range and deals no dmg but leaves an opening for Rayman to attack. The less dmg% an opponent has the less time they remain in a "tickled" state. 0-30% is .80sec with an additional .80sec every additional 30% range.

    F/B.Special- Lava Run: Rayman runs forward in a panic immediately after seeing a small wave of lave appear behind himself. He runs 7ft forward and can even run on air in his panic. He deals no damage but the lava that fallows him deals upto 10% continuous dmg.

    U.Special- Murfy Launch: A hoop appears that Rayman grabs before Murfy grabs it and propels it up launching Rayman up 8ft high. It deals no dmg.

    D.Special- Murfy Barricade: Murfy targets the ground and pulls up a spiked barricade wall. It blocks all physical attacks and weak projectiles (<23%) and deals 5% dmg on contact. Rayman can move around, but can't attack without canceling the barricade.

    -Final Smash-
    To the Moon: Rayman charges up a strong punch as a ring appears ahead that resembles the one at the end of a stage in Legends. If Rayman's punch connects with an opponent it will launched through the ring, into a cutscene of them flying through space until they crash into a distant moon getting stuck headfirst in a crater. Once stuck a group of imp looking creatures will attack with pitchforks repeatedly until the opponent burst out screaming. It sends opponents flying upwards at the end and deals 48% dmg.

    -Alt Costumes-
    Rayman has 2 color variations for each of these costumes.
    Rayman (Normal)
    Sir Rayelot 



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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

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    I love these!


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    Re: For Smash 5, onwards and upwards!

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