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    New Smash 5 stuff.

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    New Smash 5 stuff.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:18 pm

    Necrozma: Overall Necrozma is a pretty strong with above average weight. However its height, weight, power, and hit boxes vary between forms, but I'll explain that in detail soon.

    Gimmick: Form Change. Necrozma can transform using the light stolen from either Solgaleo or Lunala. Its different forms change its neutral special, hit boxes, and stats. Dusk Mane hits the hardest and is the widest and heaviest, Dawn Wings is the lightest and fastest with the most vertical range, while base form is in between the other two forms as far as hit boxes and weight.

    Stats Base, Dusk, Dawn.
    Atk Pwr: 7.5/ 8/ 7.5
    Atk Spd: 7/ 7/ 7
    Mov Spd: 6/ 6.5/ 7
    Height: 7/ 6/ 6.5 (Dawn hovers 1.5ft off the ground though)
    Weight: 8/ 8.5/ 7

    Move set.
    N.B- Signature Special: Necrozma uses the signature move of its current form.
    Base- Prismatic Laser: Necrozma gathers light energy into a prismatic sphere, then crushes it above its' own head with its hands, creating a storm of multicolored lasers. The further it travels downward the wider it spreads and weaker it grows. It can deal up to 22% dmg and drags opponents along with it, but it has a slow start up.
    Dusk- Sun Steel Strike: Necrozma jumps up 6ft high (If on the ground) and gathers light around itself in a sun like sphere before launching itself downwards (You can slightly change the trajectory) it deals up to 27% dmg (8% from the "sun" and the rest from the attack) and it can meteor smash opponents if Necrozma lands on their hard.
    Dawn- Moongeist Beam: Necrozma flies up 7ft (if on the ground) then forms a ring with its wings before firing a laser downwards. It can deal up to 21% dmg in continuous light dmg before the last hit launches opponents downwards.

    Side B- Photon Geyser: Necrozma charges quickly before firing a energy sphere forward. It travels up to 6ft before erupting into a pillar of light. It is 1.5ft wide and 5ft tall and launches opponents straight up, and it deals 16% dmg.

    Ultra Warp: Necrozma tears open a Ultra Wormhole and reappears 7ft in the direction you aim. If a opponent is right there, they're pulled through the wormhole and swap places with Necrozma.

    Form Shift: Necrozma surrounds itself in light as it transforms. By holding B once it starts the light will continue shifting from White, Red, and Blue until released. The colors represent its' Base, Dusk, and Dawn forms respectively. Whatever you release on is what form it takes.

    FS- The Light That Burns The Sky: Necrozma transforms into Ultra Necrozma before flying off screen to charge a massive light bomb. It then let's you aim similar to ZSS' FS except you fire a single massive shot at the stage. It deals 55% dmg and generally KO's if it hits opponents with over 50% dmg (prior to the attack).

    I can post the other stuff later.


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