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    Skyrim Build - Vampire Hunter

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    Skyrim Build - Vampire Hunter Empty Skyrim Build - Vampire Hunter

    Post by Amord on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:04 am

    I decided to try my hand at making a Skyrim Build.

    The Vampire Hunter's Backstory:
    In Cyrodiil, and more specifically the Imperial City Temple District, there is a group called the Order of the Virtuous Blood. Originally this group had been founded by a High Elf Vampire that wished to hide their true nature; after all, what better way to disguise yourself as a Vampire than to pretend to hunt other Vampires? Thus, this 'Order' was merely a collection of wealthy individuals gathered in the cellar of Seridur's House.

    Fate would end up playing out it's true intentions, as the Warrior that would become the Champion of Cyrodiil happened across the group. The Champion was hired by Seridur to 'hunt down' a Vampire by the name of Roland Jenseric. According to Seridur's story, Roland had slain a young girl by the name of Relfina. The two were apparently courting before this scuffle that Seridur witnessed.

    The Champion agreed to hunt down this Vampire and eventually came to a Cabin outside the Imperial City, there the Champion learned the true story, Seridur was the real Vampire and the Champion agreed to spare Roland's life, and hunt down Seridur instead. After a climactic battle, the Champion returned to find that Roland had discussed with the other members of the Order and had more or less become it's leader.

    Roland dedicated all of his time to the Order, hoping to ensure that no one else would suffer an injustice like he did with Relfina; Seridur was the one that slayed the young girl, and attempted to place the blame on Roland. Eventually the Order expanded out from the meager Cellar and became something to be respected. A true faction dedicated to the hunting of Vampires.

    Years of Vampire Slaying would eventually see Roland to meeting another girl, he had saved her life, and the two became romantically involved. Eventually he grew old, and could no longer actively participate within the Order's activities... But now his children could carry on the legacy. That was exactly what happened.

    The Order of the Virtuous Blood had expanded to such an extent that it was time to begin reaching out to other lands, just as many a Guild had done in the past. You are a Jenseric, a Breton of the Order of the Virtuous Blood. You've spent your entire life growing up in the Order, training, and now your time has come to set off to Skyrim, where you will form a branch of the Order of the Virtuous Blood.

    ...Things don't go exactly as intended, however. As you're crossing the border into Skyrim, you're taken under arrest by the Imperials alongside several Stormcloaks, and a horse thief. A long trip to Helgen takes place. Resigned to your fate of execution, you never imagined that a Dragon would end up inadvertently saving your life...

    After escaping Helgen, the Vampire Hunter will wish to acquire silver weapons; especially effective against the Undead. After adventuring for awhile they will join with the Dawnguard. Though this is not the Order of the Virtuous Blood that you originally set out to create, the purpose is the same. Perhaps the two groups can work together to become that much more effective in putting a stop to the Vampire menace...

    Dawnguard Set (Heavy or Light)
    Silver Weapons
    Auriel's Bow

    Primarily Restoration


    Decided to write this up for fun. See if making a 'roleplaying build' improves Skyrim for me or not. Since I was already at it, thought that I might as well share it. xD

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    Skyrim Build - Vampire Hunter Rumiafinalsig

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