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    My Pokemon Switch theory!

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    My Pokemon Switch theory! Empty My Pokemon Switch theory!

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:02 pm

    Necrozma and the mysterious Marshadow, pokemon dangerous enough to make Zygarde the Guardian of Kalos leave to investigate its threat.

    Necrozma, I believe is the missing 3rd Legend of Alola. It's a mysterious pokemon with the same battle theme as Lunala/Solgaleo and is confirmed to not be a UB according to the UB task force.

    However I believe Necrozma is not truly alive. The very word Necro means death. And the mysterious shadow pokemon Marshadow is the missing element, Necrozma's soul. Necrozma represents a black dwarf, which is the final state of a star ready to collapse. It absorbs/refracts light has the symbol of a star on its back, while Marshadow is a spectral representation of a blackhole. Its Z Move Soul Stealing Shadow Strike represents it stealing the light of other pokemon to fill its own void.

    I believe that Zygarde came to Alola do to a premonition of danger, far more severe then even Yveltel and Xerneas fighting. Where it only revealed its 50% forme. Because the prismatic body Necrozma and the spectral Marshadow returning to their original form would be something far more disastrous.

    Necrozma x Marshadow would represent a super massive blackhole. A unrivaled force of nature that swallows up all forms of matter. The saying "It all comes together in Alola" could also tie into Sinnoh. With it's legends representing the states of matter, Solid (steal) Dialga, Liquid (Water) Palkia, and Gas (Ghost) Giratina. And the rumored Sinnoh remake plus Silvally the artificial Arceas. Red and Blue appearing post game and Alot of Kanto love shown Everywhere.

    I also believe there's a purpose behind the mirrored world and second Cosmog. Lunala or Solgaleo was enough on their own to beat back the UB. However a reunited Necrozma and Marshadow would require the combined power of the Sun and Moon pokemon. Meaning the Eclipse pokemon. A pokemon created by the union of sun and moon.

    What do you think, What would you add, and what are your theories?

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    Post by Raymu on Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:07 am


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