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    The Lame Theorist's Morph Ball Theory debunked


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    The Lame Theorist's Morph Ball Theory debunked

    Post by Raymu on Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:54 pm

    So let's see...He lists Samus's canon hieght, then never uses it as a measurement, right, so fail there.
    Next, he claims that anyone can roll up into a morph ball shape, and that the power up is useless. -FALSE-. Go ahead, go put on a large suit of armor and try rolling up into a ball, Game Theorists. I'll point and laugh while you try. The Morph ball power up is to allow the -suit- to morph, otherwise no amount of flexibility would make it possible. Then he goes on to state that some world recorder holder is better than her, when the point was to prove that at the morph ball's smallest state (Super Metroid) that it would still be possible. It was proven possible, so what's with the dissing? Afraid of girls, "Game theorists"? He goes on from here to point out that the ball is uneccesary, when crawling could work. Once again, try getting on your hands and knees and crawling through a tight space wearing a heavy suit of armor. And no, falling on your face doesn't count. The morph ball is -not- big. He literally measured it himself.. (Quite innacurately, I might add.) not to mention the morph ball allows -speed-, which crawling lacks. Morph ball lame? I think not.

    And remember, it's not just a theory, it's a Lame theory.


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    Remilia's Husband

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    Re: The Lame Theorist's Morph Ball Theory debunked

    Post by Amord on Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:43 am

    Let's go through everything wrong with this idiotic theory, shall we?

    1: The Morph Ball allows Samus to traverse through tight spaces while maintaining two key features: Speed, Defense. Crawling is much slower, as Samus without her suit has shown, it also leaves you much more vulnerable.

    2: The Morph Ball has an upgrade which allows Samus to place bombs and detonate them with no harm to herself, further proving that it protects Samus from harm. Which, you know, she REALLY needs because she's almost always on a planet with Aliens that want her quite dead.

    3: The Morph Ball has yet another upgrade which grants Samus two new abilities; first, to jump much, much higher. And second, to attack her enemies. Goody! That's two bonuses wrapped up into one convenient ball of fun! Further proves the point of added defense.

    4: The Bombs which you place in the Morph Ball form are mandatory to progression. There are also wheel lock doors which can only be unlocked with the Morph Ball.

    5: The enhanced mobility. Honestly, it lets her do so much more than crawling can give. And sure, everyone can crawl up into the space they need, especially with enough practice. But here's the question; can you roll forwards? Can you roll backwards? Can you move up and down? Can you perform wall jumps? Can you perform ANY of the tricks that Samus can? No, you can't. Go on, try. I'll laugh when you do, Lame Theorist.

    6: Bad programming? Too difficult to code? It couldn't be that crawling is *gasp* IMPRACTICAL?! Dumbass.



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