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    Anime movesets.

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    Anime movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:37 pm

    Ryuko Matoi. Is a heavy hitting character yet a fast one too, she has stat altering abilities. However using said abilities come at the price of her stamina. Each different ability cost stamina points or sp for short.

    Senketsu Senjin: This ability gives Ryuko upto twice as many hits with her basic, dash, tilt attacks and her smashes and specials deal 1.3x dmg. Cost 3% per second  

    Senketsu Shippu: This ability lets Ryuko jump 1.5x her normal jump distance and lets her move significantly faster in the air. Cost 3% per second.

    Senketsu Shippu Senjin: By combining the 2 abilities Ryuko becomes a much bigger threat however it cost 7% per second so use it wisely.

    Attack: 7.5/10
    Atk Speed: 8/10
    Run Speed8/10
    Weight: 4.5/10
    Height: 5/10


    A Ryuko does a horizontal slash.

    AAA Ryuko does 2 horizontal slashes then fallows up with a upwards vertical slash.

    ^.A Ryuko stabs upwards with her scissorblade.

    >.A Ryuko does a downwards vertical slash while moving forward.

    v.A Ryuko stabs downwards with her scissorblade.

    DashRyuko spins rapidly like a whirlwind. (similar to Megaman's dash attack)


    Nair Ryuko releases a small shockwave that reaches 2.5ft around her.

    Fair Ryuko does a short air dash and stab forward.

    Uair Ryuko gets a short boost upwards while doing a corkscrew slash.

    Bair Ryuko spins backwards and deals a horizontal slash.

    Dair Ryuko does a falling stab attack that causes meteor smash but greatly increases her fall speed.

    Smashes During these attacks Ryuko uses the fully extended form of her scissorblade "Decapitation Mode" If the smash is fully charged effectively doubling her scissorblade's range.

    ^.Smash Ryuko stabs her scissorblade up while generating a strong wave of energy around herself. It deals 27% dmg when fully charged.

    >.Smash Ryuko swiftly dashes ahead and delivers a powerful horizontal slash. It deals 26% when fully charged.

    v.Smash Ryuko does a spinning slash with her scissorblade close to the ground to trip opponents then if you push the A button again she'll deliver a upward slash. The first hit deals 10% and the second deals 18%


    B Satsuki Tagteam Clash- Ryuko calls for backup and so Satsuki Kyurin appears ahead 1/3 of FD's length and then the 2 of them charge towards the center between them and their blades clash dealing heavy dmg and knockback to those caught between them. It deals 30% dmg.

    ^.B Life Fiber Booster- Ryuko flies upwards swiftly 1/3 of FD's length and deals a (optional) 2 part combo. The first hit is like Marth's ^.B but then she'll do a vertical spinning attack that drags opponents downward with her dealing several weak hits and upto 23% dmg. The trajectory can be altered to the left or right. Or with during her Shippu state it will travel 1/2 the length of FD.

    >.B Sonic Slash- Ryuko can charge up a slash that creates a wave of energy that flies forward upto 1/2 FD's length. And it deals upto 14% dmg, and can be fallowed-up with a second faster slash creating a cross shaped wave of energy When the second slash catches up with the first) and it deals 28% dmg.

    v.B Life Fiber Pulse- Ryuko generates huge amount of raw energy that pushes opponents and items away. (Think Mario's FLUDD that hits in every direction.However you can't hold a charge.)

    Final Smash Dual Decapitation Final- Ryuko does a slash that leads to a cutscene of her and Satsuki(with the other half of the scissorblade) dealing several slashes then Ryuko takes the other half of the scissorblade and does a flashy final attack that makes a cross shaped explosion. Deals a total of 64% dmg.

    Taunts In order to use "Shippu Sennin" you start using either her >. or ^. taunt then quickly use the other mid transformation

    >.Taunt. Ryuko spins her scissorblade and then yells "Senjin" and changes to her blade covered form.
    ^.Taunt. Ryuko does a short jump and yells "Shippu" and changes her form.
    v.Taunt. Ryuko stops and meditates breafly and returns to her normal form.


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