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    Random new movesets.


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    Random new movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:05 pm

    Gimmick: Kyurem can freely change between its 3 forms. Base, Black, and White Kyurem. Base moves somewhat faster and has a high freeze rate (all ice moves will freeze opponents.), Black is the heaviest and has the highest knockback, and White has the highest damage output. Some moves vary between forms.

    -Stats- -B- -Blk- -Wht-
    Atk Pwr:6.5 7 7.5
    Atk Spd:6.5 6.5 6.5
    Mov Spd:6.5 6 6
    Height: 6 7 7
    Weight: 6.5 7.5 7

    -Tilts, Dash, and Airs.
    AAA: Kyurem slashes twice before using Dragon Claw for a stronger slash.
    >.A: Kyurem breathes a weak stream of Dragon Breath forward a couple of feet.
    v.A: Kyurem uses its Dragon Tail to trip opponents directly around himself.
    ^.A: Kyurem uses its Ancient Power to hurl small fossilized boulders upwards.
    Dash: Kyurem surrounds itself with a icy veil then tackles its opponent.

    N.Air: Kyurem roars with its loud Echoing Voice to damage nearby opponents.
    >.Air: Kyurem's wings glow with a metallic shine, before it dashes forwards a few of feet.
    <.Air: Kyurem's wings glow with a metallic shine, before it swings around hitting opponents behind itself.
    v.Air: Kyurem rains down Hail from its frozen body a short distance, hitting opponents below both damaging and likely freezing them.
    ^.Air: Kyurem roars straight up damaging opponents with its Echoing Voice.

    -Pummel and Throws-
    Pummel: Kyurem bites his opponent.
    >.Throw: Kyurem throws its opponent then fires a weak stream of Dragon Breath.
    <.Throw: Kyurem Brutally Swings its opponent behind itself launching them.
    v.Throw: Kyurem forms small ice spikes on the ground then slams its opponent onto them.
    ^.Throw: Kyurem throws its opponent upwards as it starts to Hail directly over itself.-Smashes- Damage% varies from form to form.
    >.Smash: Outrage. Kyurem briefly goes berserk, viciously attacking infront of itself with strong slashes and bites. Deals upto 17-24% damage.
    v.Smash: Draco Meteor. Kyurem summons upto 3 small meteors that fall directly ahead. The size and damage of the meteors varies from 1.5-2.5ft wide and 21-27% (if all 3 hit).
    ^.Smash: Blizzard. Kyurem generates a powerful arctic gale around itself, that freezes opponents (2ft) around it and (3.5ft) above it. while dealing upto 12-18% damage.

    -Specials- N.S and >.S change depending on Kyurem's current form.

    N.Special B: Glaciate. Kyurem gathers fridged energy before launching a burst of sub-zero ice. It deals 16% damage, and freezes opponents. It takes 2 seconds to fully charge.

    N.Special Blk: Freeze Shock. Kyurem gathers energy before launching a large shot of electrified ice. It deals 21% damage, and has the highest knockback of Kyurem's neutral specials. It takes 3 seconds to charge, and has a 1/3 chance of freezing a opponent.

    N.Special Wht: Ice Burn. Kyurem gathers energy before launching a blast of blistering ultracold ice. It deals 26% damage. It takes 3 seconds to charge and has a 1/3 chance of freezing a opponent.

    >.Special B: Dragon Pulse. Kyurem fires a purplish shot of draconic energy forward. It deals 11% damage and can't be charged, and has a cooldown period of 1 second to avoid spamming.

    >.Special Blk: Fusion Bolt. Kyurem covers itself with a high voltage aura before launching itself forward several feet slamming into a opponent. It deals 16% damage and has the highest knockback of Kyurem's >.Specials.

    >.Special Wht: Fusion Flare. Kyurem generates a large fireball above its head before launching it towards the ground. It deals 21% damage, and has a average range of 5ft without being on elevated ground.

    ^.Special: Icy Wind. Kyurem veils itself with a icy wind before launcing upwards several feet. It deals multiple hits and upto 12-16% damage.

    v.Special: Gene Shift. Kyurem's tail(?) will have a glowing sphere that's gray, blue, or red. Each color corresponds with a form, and by repeatedly tapping v.B you can change the color. Then after a second, Kyurem will change in a flash of light.

    Sub-Zero Slammer. Kyurem freezes all nearby opponents (within 7ft) dealing 28% damage, and causes it to hail, dealing an additional 12 damage to all opponents over the next 12 seconds.

    Gigavolt Havoc. Kyurem gathers a massive ammount of electricity ito a compressed bolt of lightning. It moves extremely fast once launched, deals 35% damage, deals heavy knockback, and damages opponents near those directly hit for collateral damage (10%).

    Inferno Overdrive. Kyurem charges up a massive slower moving fireball that deals multiple hits, upto 42% damage, and drags opponents away similar to the Mario Final.


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