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    Random new movesets.

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    Random new movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:05 pm

    Gimmick: Kyurem can freely change between its 3 forms. Base, Black, and White Kyurem. Base moves somewhat faster and has a high freeze rate (all ice moves will freeze opponents.), Black is the heaviest and has the highest knockback, and White has the highest damage output. Some moves vary between forms.

    -Stats- -B- -Blk- -Wht-
    Atk Pwr:6.5 7 7.5
    Atk Spd:6.5 6.5 6.5
    Mov Spd:6.5 6 6
    Height: 6 7 7
    Weight: 6.5 7.5 7

    -Tilts, Dash, and Airs.
    AAA: Kyurem slashes twice before using Dragon Claw for a stronger slash.
    >.A: Kyurem breathes a weak stream of Dragon Breath forward a couple of feet.
    v.A: Kyurem uses its Dragon Tail to trip opponents directly around himself.
    ^.A: Kyurem uses its Ancient Power to hurl small fossilized boulders upwards.
    Dash: Kyurem surrounds itself with a icy veil then tackles its opponent.

    N.Air: Kyurem roars with its loud Echoing Voice to damage nearby opponents.
    >.Air: Kyurem's wings glow with a metallic shine, before it dashes forwards a few of feet.
    <.Air: Kyurem's wings glow with a metallic shine, before it swings around hitting opponents behind itself.
    v.Air: Kyurem rains down Hail from its frozen body a short distance, hitting opponents below both damaging and likely freezing them.
    ^.Air: Kyurem roars straight up damaging opponents with its Echoing Voice.

    -Pummel and Throws-
    Pummel: Kyurem bites his opponent.
    >.Throw: Kyurem throws its opponent then fires a weak stream of Dragon Breath.
    <.Throw: Kyurem Brutally Swings its opponent behind itself launching them.
    v.Throw: Kyurem forms small ice spikes on the ground then slams its opponent onto them.
    ^.Throw: Kyurem throws its opponent upwards as it starts to Hail directly over itself.-Smashes- Damage% varies from form to form.
    >.Smash: Outrage. Kyurem briefly goes berserk, viciously attacking infront of itself with strong slashes and bites. Deals upto 17-24% damage.
    v.Smash: Draco Meteor. Kyurem summons upto 3 small meteors that fall directly ahead. The size and damage of the meteors varies from 1.5-2.5ft wide and 21-27% (if all 3 hit).
    ^.Smash: Blizzard. Kyurem generates a powerful arctic gale around itself, that freezes opponents (2ft) around it and (3.5ft) above it. while dealing upto 12-18% damage.

    -Specials- N.S and >.S change depending on Kyurem's current form.

    N.Special B: Glaciate. Kyurem gathers fridged energy before launching a burst of sub-zero ice. It deals 16% damage, and freezes opponents. It takes 2 seconds to fully charge.

    N.Special Blk: Freeze Shock. Kyurem gathers energy before launching a large shot of electrified ice. It deals 21% damage, and has the highest knockback of Kyurem's neutral specials. It takes 3 seconds to charge, and has a 1/3 chance of freezing a opponent.

    N.Special Wht: Ice Burn. Kyurem gathers energy before launching a blast of blistering ultracold ice. It deals 26% damage. It takes 3 seconds to charge and has a 1/3 chance of freezing a opponent.

    >.Special B: Dragon Pulse. Kyurem fires a purplish shot of draconic energy forward. It deals 11% damage and can't be charged, and has a cooldown period of 1 second to avoid spamming.

    >.Special Blk: Fusion Bolt. Kyurem covers itself with a high voltage aura before launching itself forward several feet slamming into a opponent. It deals 16% damage and has the highest knockback of Kyurem's >.Specials.

    >.Special Wht: Fusion Flare. Kyurem generates a large fireball above its head before launching it towards the ground. It deals 21% damage, and has a average range of 5ft without being on elevated ground.

    ^.Special: Icy Wind. Kyurem veils itself with a icy wind before launcing upwards several feet. It deals multiple hits and upto 12-16% damage.

    v.Special: Gene Shift. Kyurem's tail(?) will have a glowing sphere that's gray, blue, or red. Each color corresponds with a form, and by repeatedly tapping v.B you can change the color. Then after a second, Kyurem will change in a flash of light.

    Sub-Zero Slammer. Kyurem freezes all nearby opponents (within 7ft) dealing 28% damage, and causes it to hail, dealing an additional 12 damage to all opponents over the next 12 seconds.

    Gigavolt Havoc. Kyurem gathers a massive ammount of electricity ito a compressed bolt of lightning. It moves extremely fast once launched, deals 35% damage, deals heavy knockback, and damages opponents near those directly hit for collateral damage (10%).

    Inferno Overdrive. Kyurem charges up a massive slower moving fireball that deals multiple hits, upto 42% damage, and drags opponents away similar to the Mario Final.


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    Re: Random new movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:24 pm


    Atk Pwr: 7.5
    Atk Spd: 7
    Mov Spd: 7.5
    Weight: 5.5

    Combo: Leafage: Decidueye quickly strikes with a leaf, doing 1% before swiftly striking with three leaves, doing 3% and high knockback.
    Side.Attack: Peck: Decidueye swiftly brings his head down, beak first, doing 4% and medium knokcback.
    U.Attack: Astonish: Decidueye covers his eyes and a red circle appears above him for a second. The circle is about the size of Kirby, and then scares anyone in the red circle. It does 6% and knocks the foe a fair distance upwards.
    D.Attack: Low Sweep: Decidueye quickly does a very low kick, doing 5% and tripping any foes whom it hits.
    Dash Attack: Tackle: Decidueye quickly rams his opponents. It goes 4ft and does 7%

    N.Air: Hidden Power: Decidueye releases small spheres of energy that encircle himself doing multiple hits and upto 6%.
    F.Air: Smack Down: Decidueye does a aerial tackle. 7%
    B.Air: Fury Swipes: Decidueye kicks multiple times behind himself. Upto 8%
    U.Air: Ominous Wind: Decidueye creates a ghostly whirlwind that moves up a few feet. Upto 7%
    D.Air: Acrobatics: Decidueye does a spinning dive bomb onto his opponents head's. 9%

    Grab: Spirit Shackle: Decidueye wraps a shadowy chain around the foe. Long range, and can tether. Animation looks Decidueye shooting a chain with a pointed end.
    Pummel: Vine Whip: Decidueye whios them witha vine. It does 1.5% and has a medium amount of animation frames.
    F.Throw: Decidueye throws his opponent forward before firing razor leaves. 7%
    B.Throw: Decidueye spins his opponent around before throwing them behind himself. 8%
    U.Throw: Decidueye does a upward kick knocking his opponent upwards. 6%
    D.Throw: Decidueye slams his opponent down. (9%) Causes meteor smash if used near ledge.

    >.S- Energy Ball: Decidueye fires a ball of solar energy that travels fast. Does If hit, does 11% and high knockback.

    ^.S Razor Leaf: Decidueye fired a tornado of leaves upward. They travel the rest of the stage, trapping foes and doing 2% per second does upto 10%

    v.S Shadow Claw: Decidueye slashes in an arc infront of him, doing 13% and high knockback.

    N.B: Solar Beam: Decidueye absorbs energy before releasing a green bean a medium distance. 24% and medium knockback, but can't be used again for ~5 seconds
    >.B Leaf Blade: Decidueye slashes forward with it's wings, creating 3 green slashes in the air. Moves him forward a bit, and each slash does 4% (each) and low knockback.
    ^.B Brave Bird: Decidueye surrounds itself with air that looks like a bird and fires in the direction you aim. Does 12% and 4% recoil.
    v.B: Grass Knot: Decidueye creates roots out of the ground that trip people. Damage varies based on weight.

    FS Sinister Arrow Raid: Decidueye flies over the stage leaving a rain of ghost imbued arrows. One falls every time you hit A (rapidly tap to fire them all in one area) and he can fire upto 10 arrows, thus sniping from above. After it's over they detonate creating pillars of phantom energy. They deal 7% and relatively high knockback. Will ko at 85%


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    Re: Random new movesets.

    Post by TheLastDragoon on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:34 pm

    This moveset's based off of the bipedal trident wielding Ganon from Legend of Zelda
    A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords Adventures, and A Link Between Worlds.

    After taking +120% damage, Ganon becomes enraged. He draws out his ful power to raise all his stats, and gains a evil looking aura.

    Atk Pwr: 8, 9
    Atk Spd: 6, 7
    Mov Spd: 4.5, 5.5 (seriously Slow)
    Height: 8
    Weight: 8.5

    He has multiple teleport moves to make up for his complete lack of speed.

    -Tilts, Airs, and Throws-

    AAA: Ganon stabs forward with his trident multiple times. (5,4,3,2,2%)
    F.A: Ganon swings his trident forward. (7%)
    U.A: Ganon raises his trident above his head then swings it around leaving a brief trail of flames. (5%)
    D.A: Ganon swings his trident in a low sweeping attack that trips opponents. (6%)
    Dash: Ganon teleports forward 3ft and stabs with his trident. Good for evading and countering. (9%)

    N.Air: Ganon roars and surrounds himself with flames (2ft in every direction) (3% multiple hits)
    F.Air: Ganon stabs forward with his trident moving himself 3ft ahead (7%)
    B.Air: Ganon quickly swings his trident around behind himself. (8%)
    U.Air: Ganon spins his trident over his head dealing multiple quick hits. (2%)
    D.Air: Ganon rapidly falls down with his trident. He meteor smashes any opponent he lands on, but can easily ko. (10%)

    Grab: Basic grab animation.
    Pummel: Ganon stabs his opponent with his trident. (4%)
    F.Throw: Ganon throws his opponent forward then fires a ball of electricity. (7%)
    B.Throw: Ganon spins before throwinh his opponent behind himself. It has more knockback. (6%)
    U.Throw: Ganon throws his opponent straight up before stabbing them whith his trident. (7%)
    D.Throw: Ganon puts all his weight into a stomp on his opponent. (9%)

    >.S Ganon gathers magic before launching a large flame bat which travels 6ft. It explodes on impact, and leaves a trail of flames that burns for 1.5sec (4%) per sec, and the explosion does (18%)

    ^.S Ganon rapidly spins his trident over his head while it's covered in flames. As he spins it the flames start to gather at the center before causing an explosion. The trident does (2%) per sec, and the explosion does (15%) (23%) total.

    v.S Ganon holds his trident up over his head before firing bolts of lightning around himself. The more charged the smash is then more bolts of lightning are fired. No charge 2, half charged 4, fully charged 6. The bolts hit half on each side of Ganon and each does (8%) and multiple bolts can hit a close enough opponent.

    B- Deadman's Volley: Ganon can charge up a sphere of electricity before throwing it at his opponent. It moves fast and can be reflected by attacks. It can be bounced back and forth gaining speed and momentum with each hit. It does (10%) uncharged and (20%) charged. It gains .2x dmg and speed per hit back. It can damage either an opponent or even Ganon if it hits himself.

    >.B- Trident Warp: Ganon throws his trident forward (somewhat slowly) and warps to its farthest point. It damages opponents while flying, but it's predictable where he'll end up, and can be punishable if the attack is avoided. It travels 8ft and the trident does (11%).

    ^.B Shadow Warp: Ganon warps in the direction you aim, and it has a range of 7ft.

    v.B Flame Cyclone: Ganon holds his trident towards the screen and rapidly spins it, and it generates 6 fireballs that spin around it 2ft away. by rapidly hitting B he'll continue the attack until you stop. At the end of the attack the fireballs turn into fire bats and fly away from Ganon at the angle they were at the attack's end. (3%) per second, and (4%) per bat.

    Dark World: The stage grows darker and Ganon fades into a silhouette with glowing red eyes. During the next 13 seconds he's invincible and his stats are boosted to 1.2x (extra boost if in rage mode gets included) he can also jump upto 2 times in the air during his FS.


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    Re: Random new movesets.

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